Health And Nutrition Of The Poor

It is important for everyone to have good health. A healthy lifestyle will bring lots of happiness and wealth. The human body should be properly nourished daily if one wants to be free from diseases. Nutrition can be described as the process of providing essential elements required by the human body to carry out daily activities and maintain normal health. This is a constant process and requires proper care and planning.

The concept of nutrition is of utmost importance in the country of Canada. In this century, people are very conscious of their health and take preventive measures. They do not like to visit doctors often and avoid admissions to hospitals. The intake of nutritious foods helps in the development of a sound mind in a sound body. Nutritious foods are those that contain plenty of proteins, vitamins and minerals which are essential for building bones and muscles.

They strengthen the body and increase its resistance to diseases thereby reducing the doctor’s bills. They not only help in molding people into responsible citizens but also build talented sportspersons who bring laurels to the country.

On the contrary, people who fail to eat nutritious foods will suffer from various ailments. They tend to fall sick easily. They do not have immunity and are susceptible to diseases. They have to spend their hard earned money on medical treatments and become a burden to the people around them.

Moreover, they will not be able to carry out the tasks expected out of them. Ultimately, this may lead to a nation-wide problem.

The article, written by Tanya Talaga and Laurie Monsebraaten, briefly explains various methods of consuming healthy foods and eradicating malnutrition. As everyone knows, food is essential to sustain life. It is a source of energy. It revitalizes all parts of the body and helps in growth and development in children particularly. Proper food is recommendable always to lead a normal life. Foods that are rich in proteins and vitamins make people stronger and help them to lead stress-free lives.

The article highlights different ways of providing nutrition to the poor. It describes the policies that are adopted by the government in order to provide adequate nutrition to the needy at times of crisis.

The policies also aim at providing food at prices affordable by the weaker sections of the society. It also highlights difficulties faced by people who have low income levels and have problems in buying the type of food they desire.

Sometimes, people in underdeveloped areas need to travel to far off places to buy food as there are no outlets close to their homes. The article gives brief statistics of food production, wastage of foods, eating habits, etc. This helps the reader to get a better picture of nutrition.

The article contains quite a few facts and shatters some common nutrition-related misconceptions. People, who are not paid high salaries, will not have enough money to buy food.

They have to settle down for cheaper substitutes that will have low nutrient values. As a result, their health may be affected. Under such circumstances, proper action has to be taken by the government in helping the needy people. Nutrition is largely dependent on the food intake of a person.

A diet that is rich in carbohydrates may lead to either obesity or malnourishment. At times, even though it is widely believed that poverty leads to undernourishment, it may not be the root cause always. Hence, it is important to understand the exact concept of nutrition. There is the mention of food programs undertaken by the governing bodies from time-to-time. Another aspect of the article concerns about its realistic approach.

It stresses the need to provide protein-rich foods that are affordable by people of every section in the society. The foods should be available at all times. Lastly, the article calls for government intervention in food issues and hints upon community development rather than focusing on the needs of a particular individual.

The drawbacks of the article can be explained as follows. It does not explain in detail about the purchasing power of people in low income groups. People in the lower strata of society tend to accept what is available to them. They neither have time to search for things they want nor are they prepared to spend a great deal of money.

At all times, there are bound to be unemployed people without any money and people who are not fully aware of the nutritional facts of food that is available in the market. When there is no definite awareness about a particular foodstuff, people will not get the right amounts of nutrients. In some other cases, people will have incurable diseases that require a large sum of money for treatments.

The article does not have clear-cut explanations for the economic conditions of the people and it does not explain the circumstances that led to the present state. It does not recommend any plans for the future. People will have lots of expectations and think about better lives in the coming years. Any plan that might have been suggested would have really helped those who were suffering.

The article, upon close scrutiny, reveals that it does not contain any prejudiced view. It does not show any discrimination with respect to age, group, sex, religion, etc. It is a general article about different methods of improving the health and nutrition of the poor. As it is genuinely concerned about nutritional aspects, it is a good source of information for those who want to help people in the society.

It gives good examples of policies that were made in different parts of the world. These policies were implemented at proper times and were very effective showing good results. In addition, the article is not applicable to a particular place. It is informative in that it provides readers with insights into the problems faced by the common man everyday. It is successful in pinpointing the source of nutritional problems.

It does not discriminate between the purchasing powers of the rich or the poor. Instead, it advocates the development of the community as a whole and takes into consideration the urgent needs of the community. To put it simply, it is an article that can be read and understood by everyone in general.

To understand the concept of nutrition better, one has to understand the meaning of a diet. A diet consists of healthy foods that are recommended by a health expert or a doctor. It may be rich in carbohydrates, proteins or fibers depending on the requirement of the individual.

For instance, take the case of an individual who is very thin. He must increase his weight and build muscles. Therefore, the intake of carbohydrates must be more in his diet. This will enable accumulation of minimum amount of fat that is needed by the body at all times.

His diet will be much different from the diet that is prescribed for an obese person. When the diet of an individual is balanced, the body will function at ease. The amount of stamina will increase and the life span of the person will increase. This will lead to a favorable condition around and its influence will spread to other individuals who want to take care of their health.

Usually, there are natural methods that provide adequate nutrition and cure diseases at times. They take some time and the results are not instantaneous. This is why natural methods are not very popular. The greatest advantage of natural methods is that they have no side effects. There are no painful surgeries involved. The cost is also minimized.

The objective of nutrition is physical fitness. Fitness can also be achieved through physical exercises. Some of the different forms of exercises are walking, jogging, swimming, etc. They help to tone the muscles in the body and keep a person active.

They are natural processes too and are quite inexpensive. These methods are very popular among youngsters. They help in all round development of the individual. They help in proper growth and increase stamina.

Of late, weight loss programs have become very popular. If people are obese, they can opt for weight loss programs that are in great demand nowadays.

These programs help in burning excess fat accumulated in the body and build strong muscles. They are preferred by men and women who want to lose weight quickly. They are tailored to suit the individual’s need. There are numerous weight loss experts and counselors who have a variety of weight loss programs.

There are many books regarding nutrition. The internet is the best source for online publications. The recommended books dealing with nutrition are as follows. “Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating” written by Jane Goodall is worth reading.

Another book is “Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition, and Health, Revised and Expanded Edition (California Studies in Food and Culture)” by Marion Nestle.

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