Health and environment law

Circle each of the elements of the offence contained in the charges (on the attached charge sheet). The charges were that the food business with name “Song Tow Restaurant”

Did not comply with the requirements of Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code Did not keep equipments clean necessary for cooking safe and healthy food Did not comply with provisions of Food Standard Code Food premises were not clean with the required standard of cleanliness in fact it was very dirty

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2. Is there enough evidence to prove the charges? Explain why/why not.

Michelle Taylor and Richard Cook bought two plates of fried rice from the Song Tow restaurant on 12th August 2006. A piece of wire was found in the rice when she started chewing them.

Her mouth bled when the wire stuck in her mouth. A complaint was lodged in the Kingston City Counsel against selling unhygienic and dangerous food for health. There was enough evidence present to prove the charge.