Health care

To capture the intensity of the problems relating to health, the health care workers reach at the grass roots level and determine what constitutes the health related problems in their vicinity by determining what are the common health related problems being faced by them.

To put the action plans into practice, the health care workers need to imply and demonstrate their thorough knowledge about the health status of population and to identify the resources where they can have the access to all the information.

Determination of the health status of the population means to have knowledge about the condition of the health of the people living in that particular country. The status of the health is measured by taking birth and death rates, taking into account the life expectancy of people, their quality of life, morbidity from specific diseases, risk factors, use of ambulatory care and inpatient care, accessibility of health personnel and facilities etc.

Data for these is obtained from sources like birth and death records, hospital discharge data and health information collected from health care records, personal interviews, physical examinations, and telephone surveys. This data is scrutinized and examined annually in the United States and is published in publications like Health, United States and Healthy People Reviews.

(HEALTHY PEOPLE 2010, Online)

There are number of social factors that are involved in determining the health status of people. Some of the social factors are: Aboriginal status, education, working conditions, food security, health care services, income and its distribution, housing, social exclusion and unemployment and employment security.

Now the question that emerges is, what are the sources to find out which factor has been detrimental to the over all health status of the Nation? The sources are Government, Semi Government or Private, which can find out the root cause of the health status and recommend appropriate solutions.

For e.g. Under Federal Government, comes Clinical developed with the main purpose to make enable all information pertaining to the clinical research subjects for the number of diseases and conditions associated with it. (Clinical, Online)

Then there is Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) which is a parent agency for number of federal health care agencies such as the CDC, CMS, and NIH.

This organization provides all kinds of information related to diseases and conditions, safety and wellness, drug and food safety, disasters and emergencies, families and children (including Medicaid and SCHIP), aging, and federal policies and regulations. (HHS, Online)

These organizations have all the sources provided to enable the health care workers to benefit from them, prepare their policies and give recommendations accordingly. More, more the cost is incurred; more is the expectation from the health care planners to sort out different ways to improve efficiency.

Number of studies and projects are being undertaken to find out ways to better equip the health planners. The project device ways to identify risk factors and studies revolve around in analyzing the family planning programs, the role of men in family planning, adolescent health, emergency contraception and aspects of gynecology, oncology affecting reproductive health.

Know how of the latest technology in Research and Development in Laboratories helps in better identifying the diseases and problems. The workshops are conducted to deliver the scientists and clinicians the know how of latest techniques which in the long run will be able to understand complex physiological and molecular events related in the field of reproductive health.

In the workshops, the knowledge of latest technologies and skill to interpret data is given for various types of research and diagnosis. The most crucial aspect to all this is to adopt the appropriate technology in the diverse fields of Medical Science and its selection is a most important part.

The World Health Organizations carried out the program, “All health interventions” for the appropriate use of the technology. The technology for health endorsed at the 1978 World Health Conference on Primary Health Care provides the Instructions for the appropriate selection of technologies.  The World Health Organization endorses upon the strategies to assess the technologies according to its needs and efficiency.

In this continuous changing trend in the medical world, it is the duty of the health care managers to be always endorsed with the knowledge of latest innovations in the medical field and bestow the gift of best health services to the people.

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