Health Care

The hospital would no longer want to administer life support system for the 12-year old boy because the boy is already brain-dead and so, for the hospital, the boy is already dead.

The parents of the boy wouldn’t want to take the machine that helps their son to continue breathing. Although the boy has no brain activity at all, the boy’s circulatory and respiratory systems work and will only work if with life support system.

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The hospital argues that the boy is no longer existing, meaning, the boy is already considered dead. They already want to remove the life support system which aids in the breathing of the boy.

According to hospital staffs, they would rather attend to the needs of the other patients who will more likely to survive than to attend to an already dead individual. The hospital is reasoning out that they’ve already tried to keep the boy alive, but, now, they should be trying to keep the other patients alive. This is the major issue in health care allocation.

The hospital staff cannot give their full attention and care to only one patient, so they prioritize who should be given attention at a time.

The decision of the hospital to remove the life support system of the boy is a reflection of bioethical reasoning. The hospital is not trying to kill the boy. They cannot kill the boy because the boy is already dead. Instead, they are trying to kill the pain that the boy still has to suffer. With removing the support system, they may also be able to attend largely to other patient’s needs.

When the hospital presented the option of removing the life support system of the boy, they’ve showed an act of utilitarianism. Removing the support system from the boy will benefit the hospital by lightening their work loads, the boy by not prolonging his agony, and for the family of the boy, as well, by cutting the expenses and their worries and pain as well.


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