Health Care and Culture

Introduction. In recent times, it has been discovered and confirmed that many cultural practices are influential to the health of communities around the world. The intensity of spread or control of some diseases is squarely determined by cultural practices. This project will single out one common disease and without naming communities discuss the cultural practice of these communities. “The project will highlight a negative behavior that has contributed to the spread of a disease.

The focus will be on HIV/AIDS and an African community. There will be a research on the target group in order to be able to find and plan better ways of intervention culturally to control or curb the pandemic” Airhihenbuwa & Webster (2004). Session Long Project. The project will be continuous as per the set program and goals. The group earmarked for the study is the African Americans of the United States and the health problem affecting them is the spread of HIV/AIDS among them.

The study and the research will specifically examine their social cultural practices that have favored the spread of the disease and try to acquire locally relevant intervention development processes to check the spread of AIDS. The fact is that the rate of transmission of AIDS is due to their social cultural behavior. A good comprehensive research has to be conducted to affirm that this is happening and uncovers the reasons why that cultural behavior can or cannot be stopped.

The project research will also ascertain whether the group is willing to change the social cultural behavior to control and stop the spread of the HIV/AIDS. The study will also look for ways of intervention in other groups by using the study case of this identified group. Another important area of focus is to identify how the infected in this society are cared for and if stigmatization is in existence, if stigmatization is existing, what has measures have the put in place to care for the infected and the affected.

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