Health Care Delivery System

The need for health care treatment is a must thing in everyone’s life, where he or she has to visit to the doctor and take medicines. Every physician and medical centre tries their best to fulfill their duties and help the ones in need.

Today, Quest Diagnostic Incorporated has reached to the top in diagnostic testing, information and services and proved to be the world’s leader in medical services. It has over 30 years of experience in delivering excellent services and modern technology. Quest Diagnostic Incorporated operates in the United States of America that provides thorough information to all patients’ and visitors’ questions.

In order to fulfill the needs of the patients, Quest Diagnostic provides diagnostic testing for physicians to identify diseases earlier, diagnosing it, prescribing therapies and monitoring results to satisfy the patients.

They are capable of answering the most difficult medical questions. Moreover, Quest Diagnostic Incorporated offers different testing such Anatomic Pathology test, Pap test, Gene-based test, and a full range of Disease State and Disorder testing.

The country’s top disease, Cardiovascular Disease, is a major focus in Quest Diagnostics. Cardiovascular Disease is assessed by the newer tests and new tools such as Homocysteine, Cardio CRP and LDL Subparticles that is used by physicians for more all-inclusive evaluation, diagnosis, and therapeutic monitoring.

Furthermore, Quest Diagnostic provides training, caring, and encourages medical research as well as help hospital labs run more professionally and grow more profitable in the future. They are known for the “Largest medical and scientific staff in the laboratory industry” (Quest Diagnostic, 2010).

In addition, Quest Diagnostics has more than 40 thousand workers who offer a variety of testing services along with providing information to more than 500,000 people daily. Quest Diagnostics has a wide social and national network of 200 patient service centers, 3500 dispatch riders and around 25 jets to help around the country.

It has assessed 1 500 tests annually to help in detecting, diagnosing, evaluating, monitoring and treating medical conditions with caution and care. All Quest Diagnostics staff is trained, properly certified, licensed and conform to continuing education requirements.

They provide the “World’s largest private database” of clinical results to determine the best healthcare for their patients. Lastly, they are the known for the most important edge diagnostic test development through Nichols Institute (Quest Diagnostics Incorporated working partner).

Continuum of Care

This agency and the services that are being provided by it are totally in line with the mission of promoting better health and wellbeing of people. Its services lie on the continuum of care where a wide range of services are offered by Quest Diagnostic relating to either Lab & Healthcare, Featured lab tests, or Online services.

All these categories include a number of separate services directed towards different patients according to their requirements or diseases. The Health Plan Services provided by this organization are directed towards not only the patients, but also physicians, governmental agencies, and hospitals.

Around 50 percent of the hospitals in the U.S along with more than 90 million people are provided with health plans and insurance schemes. This is not a small population to target to, but in spite of that the organization strives at its best and makes the best effort it can in providing relief to the people in terms of treatment, financial assistance, health insurance, and tips.

Care is a word that reminds us of helping and assisting those whom we love and those who actually deserve the help since they are come under unwanted circumstances. Quest Diagnostics work for people whether they are patients from normal family, poor patients who cannot afford, or other community welfare organizations that possess altruistic attitude and work on the agenda of helping people by helping them achieve healthy life.

Resource Options

The overall layout of this website is attractive since there are numerous options integrated under separate categories that make it easier for the people to access the information that they actually want to within no time.

There are certain resource options provided by the website that include useful links and references; some of them include the ease for the patients to make an appointment with the doctor online by just logging in and selecting the best possible time and day.

Moreover, patients can access all their medical records online at anytime so that they keep themselves well informed about their previous treatments and recommendations, which is enable by using new technology, database system, and software solutions (Kennedy, n.d).

Accessing to previous or current records would help the patients to have some sort of know how about their health condition before meeting the doctor in future appointments. This would enable them to take certain measures by themselves too such as, in eating, sleeping, or exercising.

Patient health library is available on the website where more than 540,000 patients access information related to diagnostics, medical tests, the services, and other medical related information. Payment can be done online for the medical services and treatments by just entering information such as, credit card number and address.

Since health insurance is also provided by the organization to the patients, so information can be updated where the insurance policy can be renewed for a certain period of time by paying the required fees online.