Health Care Discussion

Universal health care insurance has been one of the prevailing health care issues since the presidency of Bill Clinton. It is also believed to be the answer to the health care crisis which has worsened since the outset of recession.

At this point in time, there are more than 40 million citizens who are not covered by health insurance due to unemployment and high insurance premiums offered by private insurance companies (Sage, 2009). Now, in the present administration, a universal kind of health insurance is being proposed wherein every American citizen will be covered by health insurance.

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However, many consequences can be anticipated, such as the effect on taxation, computation, and its effect on private insurance companies. Specifically, while the proposed health insurance system can be helpful to the general public, several sectors like private health insurance companies and the taxpayers may be negatively affected. Hence, the universal health insurance system that will be adopted should address the concerns of all sectors as much as possible.

So far, the state that has adhered to or adopted a universal health insurance system is Massachusetts in 2006. In Massachusetts, the state is required to have its residents insured by July 2007.

According to the system, residents who are able to buy from private insurance must buy from private insurance companies; if not, they will be penalized. Subsidies have also been afforded for working poor. Moreover, the number of covered dependents for free will also be expanded, and employers with more than 10 uninsured workers will have to cover for $295 per employee (Belluck, 2006).

Since the system seems quite fair, the Obama Administration must adopt it and apply it to the whole country. The system will ensure the stability of the business of private insurance companies as the government requires the rich and the middle-class citizens to buy from them.

Tax will not need to increase because employers and the government will both shoulder the burden in order to provide insurance for all the citizens. Hence, the universal health insurance system adopted by Massachusetts should also be applied to the whole country.


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