Health Care Issues in Diverse Communities

The paper would analyze the poverty in which people have lived and are living these days, along with shedding the light on what attitudes exist in the minds of the poor people and why. Secondly, the health care problems would be briefed that are faced by those poor people; and finally, the characteristics associated with the culture of poverty.

There is absolutely no doubt that the economies and political stances of several countries have gone towards the direction that support those who have ‘something’ to contribute towards the nation or any organization. It is very true that rich is getting richer, and the poor is getting poorer.

The reason behind that is the unavailability of opportunities for the poor people to stand on their feet, do something good, and contribute towards the country. Providing the opportunities to them is something a poor cannot even dream; moreover, countries simply ignore these poor people who do not even have proper places to live, food to eat, or work to do.

The main problem of today’s life is that the world is growing quite materialistic that always seeks for profits and benefits; where the potential of profits is not seen, those sides or people are not entertained. Poor people would obviously feel like left behind in the race of their lives, where it is impossible to get them back on the right track.

Take the role of political parties, for instance, who at the time of campaigning, not only visit poor areas and assist the poor people, but also make promises to give them a helping hand and many other opportunities ranging from employment, food safety, free education, medication, and better infrastructure. But when they come into authority, they forget all their pledges and just run after for filling their own pockets and building huge bungalows.

The behavior that is likely to be created among poor people due to their hopelessness can blemish a country’s safety, security, political stability, and image. Poor people might engage in crimes such as, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, snatching citizen’s belongings on roads, murdering, etc.

This would increase the country’s crime rate that can worsen the citizen’s security due to which riots may arise and the foreign investors, students, and tourists would hesitate to visit or invest in that country. Not only this, increase in poverty would give further incentive to the poor ones to adopt an easy of way of making money, Begging.

A mafia can be behind that who would make those poor people beg and take a greater share of money from them. This attitude and behavior of people can lead to further illiteracy in the country, which would then lack the intellectual capital.


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