Health Care Safety

Health care regulations provide a modification approach in improving the quality of health services to the public. Apparently, there a numerous issues about the safety of health care especially when it comes to human services and facilities (U.S. Department of Labor, 2007).

In line with this, it is always necessary for one to be updated with whatever health care issues are present and what the authorities are doing about them.

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The article in reference is the article released by the US Department of Health and Human Services ( The press release provides information about the proposal of a new regulation about the New Patient Safety ruling which aims to improve the quality of health care.

Basically, the proposed regulation aims to structure the establishment of PSOs or Patient Safety Organizations in the national expansion of monitoring (US HHS, 2008). These PSOs are actually private organizations which are recognized by the Health Secretary as the main collecting agent for data and its analyses about various patient safety occurrences which will be reported by different health care providers. These entities will be considered as new and separate from those organizations in existence today.

The Institute of Medicine is the primary initiator of the establishment of the PSOs saying that this prospect could improve the safety aspect of health care management in several ways. “PSOs would allow a voluntary type of reporting of patient safety events without the fear of any legal liabilities.” (US HHS, 2008).

The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 is the main legal backbone of the structuring of the PSO. Even though this statute makes the reporting of health safety events confidential and privileged, the staffs of health care institutions are not exempted and are mandated to only report patient details following federal, state or local laws (US HHS, 2008).

The welfare of the patient is the primary aspect in rendering health care services. With the establishment of the PSOs, more people will benefit from an improved state of services coming from health care institutions with regards to safe practices.


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