Health History

In the physical aspect, the client has a normal healthy lifestyle, without anything detrimental to his health, with no vices except for social drinking. He has a healthy body, free from illness or disease, and this can be attributed to his consciousness about his health.

At his age, he knows his body well and he is able to tell what activities are good for him and what can put him in danger. He devotes time for exercise almost everyday, a proof that he is doing his best to live a healthy life.

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When it comes to his relationships with other people, the client have to consider certain aspects. He was raised by his grandfather and not by his parents. His relationship with his mother is strained because of her new man. He could keep himself away from his mother, unknowingly isolating himself from other people as well.

However, he is able to maintain relationships outside his family through his friends and acquaintances. He is engaged in sports, which is an important consideration because it serves as an outlet for whatever problem he may have.

At this point, he is able to interact with other people in his neighborhood, thus creating more relationships with others. He is a healthy individual with a good outlook in life, so he could be open for relationships, even intimate ones. This could keep him from falling to isolation which can be caused by problems in the family, especially with his mother.

Despite the dangers in his community, he is able to live a clean, healthy life. He has total control over his life, and he knows what he wants and what is best for him. He is able to maintain good relationships with friends and other relatives, despite having some problems with his mother. Overall, he is a healthy individual.


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