Health Information Management

The establishment of a good information system can definitely help an organization perform its processes. In the aspect of health information management, the complete understanding of the its impact to the health care industry is very important (Health Sciences, 2006).

There are some traditional roles of health information management for the organizations it influences. First, the information involved in the patient-practitioner interaction process is being used to help the health care institution properly provide the service patients need. Second, information about a particular individual are collected and stored for future coordination of health care centers in order to address the current problem of the client.

Lastly, information about the health care segments can easily produce new techniques in providing better health care to the general public. Because of the collected data from various health associations and hospitals, it would be much easier to devise a new approach in treatments and the promotion of wellness programs.

Even though health information management has been standing its purpose, there is always a need to input constant changes in order to adapt to the ever dynamic way of life. In this aspect, the management system can be manipulated in order to better capture the optimum level of usage for information.

For example, management styles can be integrated to the technical aspects of today’s technology. As what has been happening for the past several years, information is already utilized wit the use of sophisticated computer devices and instruments, resulting to Medical Informatics (Claremont, 2007). This should be done in the fastest possible way because information along with proper utilization of data can save lives.

Another reason why the management scheme should change is because of the actual changes among medical practitioners. Apparently, professionals in health care are also adapting to the ever changing aspect of human activities. These may involve lifestyle, social interaction, expenses and changes in the overall make up of the society.


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