Health Paper

Basically, my main goal is to build and increase my muscle mass. While most people gain and tone their body mass for the purpose of showing off, for me, it is primarily part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Even though it is a fact that I’m still young and there will be lots of time for me to lose weight and get in shape, I would like to start early in my life so that I can develop healthy habits which I would carry with me when I grow older.

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Since I am still a student and am very busy this semester, I will do my best to fit my plans with my school work load. In addition, due to my substantial knowledge in nutrition, I know that I can apply all the things I have learned and enable me to attain my goal of increasing body mass.

Based on recommendations and guidelines set by websites on nutrition and healthy, I know that I need to change my diet and avoid junk foods and foods that have too many calories and cholesterol. I have to eat foods that are rich in protein and calcium as these will help build bones and muscle.

I will also avoid drinking fluids that are not very healthy such as soft drinks and drink water only. I will also perform various weight-lifting exercises to ensure that my muscles are developed well.

Motivation: My main motivation for attaining my goal is to become healthy and fit at a very young age. Having a body that looks good is also one of the reasons for my motivation but I consider it as a side effect of my goal. I also know that I will become not only physically fit but also mentally prepared to face the various challenges of school work and other tasks given to me.

Barriers to change: One barrier to my goal is my school load. Although I know what I need to do, I also have to ensure that I can accomplish my academic requirements while at the same time making sure that my goals are met on a daily basis.

What I can do to remove this barrier is to balance my schedule and pack the foods I need to eat to increase my muscle mass.
Enhancing my Readiness: I believe I am more than prepared to change my health habits and lifestyle. I have researched enough regarding my goal and I am ready to apply what I have learned. I intend to start my new goal on the forthcoming Monday.

Action: In order to keep a record of my planned diet and lifestyle, I will write on a simple notepad or journal which will keep track of what and how much I eat. This way, I have an idea of how much protein I am consuming. I know that my goal will significantly alter my physical well-being and I am well-prepared to adapt to it.

Goals: My goals are fairly simple and attainable. I believe that by following the diet recommended by various health websites, I can increase my muscle mass.

Day to Day Strategies: My strategies would mainly include eating protein-rich foods such as wish and the white-meat of chicken. Vegetables such as beans and legumes will also be part of my diet as they are good sources of protein.

I will also opt for fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products as my snacks instead of ice cream and junk food. I will also lift weights on a regular basis or at least three to four times a week to ensure full muscle development.

Rewards: Every two weeks, if I see progress in my goals, I will reward myself by seeing a movie with my friends or watching a professional sports game.

Support: I will inform my friends and my parents about my new goal of increasing muscle mass and ask for their help in reminding me of what I should eat and what I should avoid eating. I will also ask them to forbid me from sharing their foods that are not part of my diet regimen. I occasionally ask them to test me if I can resist eating unhealthy foods that ruin my goal.

I intend to start my goal of increasing muscle mass on May 4, 2009 and make it a thorough assessment after 6 months or in November. If my goal is achieved and it yields positive results, I will try to make it my permanent lifestyle and my basic health habits.