Health Program Development and Evaluation and Relevance of Diversity

Evaluating health programs allows the organization to monitor the program’s implementation; to determine how much is still needed; to properly allocate the resources of the program; to improve the quality of the present program; and to obtain new information that can help the organization and others as well.

On the other hand, organizations should not evaluate its programs when it does not seem to be getting anywhere; or when stakeholders are not able to agree on what the program should be for; or when financial resources can not support the organization to conduct an evaluation.

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There are six types of evaluation, which the organization can perform. This includes community assessment, process evaluation, effect evaluation, cost effectiveness evaluation, comprehensive evaluation, or meta-evaluation.

Re: Health Program Development and Evaluation and Relevance of Diversity and

Disparities to Health Programs

Relevance of Diversity and Disparities to Health Programs

It is found that Blacks, Hispanics, and poor people receive the worst quality of health care. Although there are improvements being done, these are considered as too little to solve the problem. Diversity, on the part of the provider and the professional, can help an organization respond better to existing demands.

Being diverse also makes an organization more creative and more flexible in terms of providing care. Health care workers should also be culturally attuned to provide better service to patients. Understanding the needs of patients better should be the main goal of clinicians.

In summary, there are many ways in which an organization like ours can improve. Improvements are essential especially in the health care industry because lives are being taken cared of. To improve, an organization has to evaluate its current programs, as well as programs that would be implemented in the future.

Bridging the gaps that separate the patients and providers is also one way of improving the organization. We are providers and as such, we should make it a point to do everything to ensure the best care that patients need.