Health Research

Mary faces the problem of budgetary constrains as she obviously has very limited capacity to address the various needs of the hospital. Although she has already identified the various areas where there are pressing needs and that she also realizes her alternatives as well as the potential consequences of her decision, it was difficult for her to decide.

Indeed, the situation which faces is not really that complicated. She simply needs to outline her priorities as well as her possible courses of action based on the scope of her capacity as manager.

In the given situation, Mary can proceed first, by identifying concerns that she could and could not decide by herself. This should be done by meeting with her staff, get their opinions regarding the given situation and needs and ask them which they would ranked first as the immediate need of the hospital, and get their suggestions.

The rational behind this idea is to make sure every concern is addressed. Second, sort out their opinions and suggestions and determine the priorities. She should act decisively on those concerns that are within her responsibility as manager that would not impair the hospital’s budget and that she has a free hand to decide.

 For needs that requires corporate decisions making such as budget allocation for staffs, for purchase of new innovative equipments, to replace worn out machines or for additional essential equipments, for constructing new building, and for closing wards, she must bring them to the attention of the higher management in her monthly or quarterly reports in the form of recommendation which include explanation that these are not merely an investments but are the pressing hospital needs.

This report should also include an assurance that allocating money for these concerns will surely reap a return of investment.

The management certainly knew her budgetary limit and to act on these things without their blessing will certainly jeopardize her career.

What quantitative and qualitative data could Mary collect in order to facilitate her decision?

In order to determine what quantitative data Mary need to collect in order to facilitate her decision making, she need to conduct an inventory of everything in the hospital including  the hospitals current capacity to accommodate patients versus the number of patients admitted on a monthly basis, the number of actual staffs versus the required number needed, the staffs’  average staff salaries versus what is demanded, the current number of functioning equipments versus the number of those that are not functioning and the number of actually needed equipment.

Further, the current number of hospital supplies needed such as syringe and medicines versus those numbers actually needed, and the actual number of lifesaving facilities the hospital have. Based on these quantitative data, there are items that Mary could make decision out right but many of them may require thoughtful consideration.

Qualitative data on the other hand include the current conditions of equipments and facilities available at the hospital. The current condition of services offered by the hospital, the capability of hospital staffs in handling patient’s condition, the quality of services offered, the quality of current facilities and equipments, the quality of nurses, and the quality of services offered by the hospital as whole.

In order to determine all these, Mary should conduct inspection of all these items. Again, there are concerns that Mary could make decision in this list of qualitative emphasis.

This includes providing training for nurses if she found them lacking necessary skills in handling patients conditions, or hiring additional staff or purchasing additional equipments as long as is permitted by the budgetary constrains,