Health systems administration

I am employed with the 1st Medical Battalion in Camp Pendleton, California.  The 1st Medical Battalion is the component of the United States Navy that gives medical services to the United States Marine Corps forces.

The 1st Medical Battalion is runs under the authority of the Combat Logistics Regiment 15 and the 1st marine Logistics Group.  As an employee of the 1st Medical Battalion, I think the three factors that have a great impact on the delivery of healthcare at my workplace are chain of the command, the delegation of authority and the augmentation system of the U.S. Navy.

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The chain of command of the U.S. Navy imparts a great impact on the delivery of healthcare at the 1st Medical Battalion because each member is responsible to his division officer.  The division officer is then responsible in reporting to the executive officer, who then stands for the commanding officer.

The chain of command positively influences the internal function and operations of the 1st Medical Battalion because the reports eventually reach the level of the Chief of Naval Operations which consequently reports to the Secretary of the Navy, then to the Secretary of Defense (NAVMEDCOMINST 5430).

The ultimate reports thus go to the President of the United States.  The healthcare delivery system of the 1st Medical Battalion is different from the civilian healthcare provider because the Navy is a huge organization which runs on the idea that each individual is competent in delivering what is expected of him in any random situation.  Hence each member from the lowest level of position to the highest position is expected to perform his best and there are no questions and doubts about whether the job assigned to him will be completed or done in the best quality and efficiency expected.

Another factor that provides a great impact on the healthcare delivery at the 1st Medical Battalion is the delegation of authority, which pertains to the assignment of jobs to particular individuals in the battalion (NAVMEDCOMINST 5450).

It is expected that when a job is assigned to a particular individual of the battalion, it is also understood that the task had already passed through the chain of command from the highest to the lowest positions in the battalion.  Such factor assures that the assigned task will be completed, no matter how easy or difficult the task is.  More importantly, the delegation of authority also makes sure that the assigned task is performed following the proper method.  However, it should be understood that any assigned task is actually given to an individual if it is known that he can perform the task and has the capabilities to complete the job in his own capacity.

The augmentation system of the U.S. Navy, which in turn is passed on to the 1st Medical Battalion provides a great impact on the healthcare delivery system of the 1st Medical Battalion (NAVMEDCOMINST 6640).  The augmentation system provides the needs that are related to the management of healthcare that will be provided by the 1st Medical Battalion.

This includes the up-to-date provision for medical record-keeping and the coordination of healthcare in order to maximize the delivery of healthcare services to its members.  The employment of electronic medical records that replaced the paper-based records of the hospital has increased the efficiency of the healthcare delivery system of the 1st Medical Battalion because it provides quick access to patient records as well as prescription drugs and hospital services that have been given to a particular patient.  Also, the integration of patient data from the other medical facilities may also be gathered through the establishment and employment of electronic medical records.


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