Healthcare Executive Interview

BrightStar Health care is based in New York, it offers health care to senior, child and even to the newborn. It has an elderly program that cares for the elderly even in the comfort of their homes.

It is honored to have a CEO who is qualified and experienced as Shelly Sun, to conduct the activities of the facility. Sun loves reading, making friends and exercising daily to keep his body healthy.

S. sun (personal communication, February 24, 2009) claimed that BrightStar healthcare is a tertially health care facility since it has high qualified personnel who perform surgical procedures.

It also has very advanced technology to perform very advanced operations which require equipments and staff of high standard. He adds that majority of the patients are seniors but they still get new mothers, people with disabilities, individuals recovering from illnesses and even accident victims.

Sun argues that this health care covers a large part of New York and the neighboring states, including; Indiana, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, among others. He insists that there is a criterion followed in case there is need for a transfer, which involves contacting the transfer facility by the president of their facility and the necessary arrangements are made.

Though, he points out that uninsured patients and a low number of qualified staff in the institution poses a great challenge. Chun claims that he is mostly struggling with Medicaid, Medicare hospice and private insurance companies on reimbursements.


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