Healthcare Fee

I recently visited doctor’s office to consult about sore throat. I have never visited doctor’s office before, and, therefore, I was not aware of the fee imposed on symptom diagnosing.

When I entered the office, there were only two nurses and I was the only patient. I registered at the counter and had to wait for my name to be called. In a few minutes I was invited into the room with some medical instruments.

When doctor came in, I explained my worries about the sore throat. The doctor listened to my explanations and said the pain was caused by the canker occurring when a person is being subjected to stress and fatigue for some time. The doctor recommended me taking a rest and avoiding stress at school work.

Our conversation lasted approximately 5 minutes, and I have already known what the doctor said me. Nevertheless, I had to pay $120 dollars for 5- minute visit not accounting health insurance. Then I went to the pharmacy to buy prescribed medicine. Since the doctor said the gargle he had given was a ‘magic gargle,’ I had no idea what it was.

So, I was expecting for good results and bought 2 medicines prescribed. I paid $40 for the gargle and $80 for the pills. As far as I was busy during those days because of midterm, I even forgot to take the medicine. However, amazingly, my throat pain disappeared in two days after visiting doctor.

I was wondering why I had to pay such a large sum of money for the medicine I hadn’t even had to use. The money I paid for the doctor and the medicine was too much for a common student who doesn’t earn enough for descent living.

For example, it is free of charge to visit doctors in Korea, if nothing serious occurs, as in my case. The compensation for the labor should depend on doctor’s abilities and case difficulty. Despite the scarcity of doctors and pharmacists, the price I paid was higher than benefit I received from them.

I know that there are many people who cannot afford hospital services because of expensive healthcare fees in the United States. The government should regulate improper fees that doctors take from the patients. Also, they should find the way to make healthcare cheaper and to improve service quality.