Healthcare Finance Assignment

Health care finance is a system that combines aspects of heath management together with those of financial management to bring out a comprehensive cost effective way of offering health facilities to any particular health sector in a particular region.

The financial management systems are important as they ensure there is efficient and effective disposal of resources to the required activity.

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The system helps to categorize the different budgetary assumptions into those which can be extended and those that can be interchanged with different alternatives for effectiveness and informed decision making during the health project activities implementation.

Malaria has been a big public health problem in Cuba and other Caribbean countries.  It is especially a serious problem to the infants and the pregnant mothers through out the whole Caribbean peninsula.  Malaria is the leading killer of all the total deaths that take place in Cuba.

However with the introduction of different integrated methods of of treating and and controlling the vector sources, there have been reducing levels of the epidermic, however the levels are still very high with majority of the people not aware of the basic vector control methods as well as not understanding the simple prevention methods they can use to take care of themselves.

The government in conjunction with World Health Organizationand the United Nations Development Programme plans to undertake a health promotion activity aimed at educating the local people on the need to adopt different malaria control measures to prevent spreading of the disease out of proportions (Hull, 2001, pp. 66-02).

According to Dixon (2001),The main objective are to control the Malaria epidermic in the southern Cuba, is to prevent Malaria epidermic spreading to non epidermic regions and to reduce the morbidity and mortality due to the epidermic.  The overall health care finance system will involve the following budget.