Healthcare: Mission Statement

Driven by the desire to establish a center for quality disease treatment and management, St. Paul’s Hospital was established by the direction of the Catholic Church and put under the administration of the Sisters of Providence.

During its establishment in 1890, the hospital only had a total of 12 beds. However, an increase in demand prompted the Sisters of Providence to source additional funds for expansion. The net result was the construction of the adjacent facility in 1920; a 100 bed capacity brick building.

Again, in response to the need to provide quality nursing instruction, the hospital together in collaboration with stakeholders constructed the St. Paul’s Sisters of Providence Nursing School in 1950 followed by a state-of-the art medical facility in 1997 brought to the fore the reality of vertically integrated health care system into New York.

This short history of striving to provide quality compassionate healthcare to New York’s Bloomfield community underscores our century old commitment to the medical community. The core values of dignity and reverence, cooperation, teamwork, trust, integrity, and heritage will forever remain our guiding torch.

Mission Statement

To remain the epicenter of quality healthcare and an unfailing hospital of choice for all patients and physicians, to retain its pedestal as an academic leader in nursing and medicine instruction, to uphold its leadership in healthcare technology, and to further strengthen its prominence in satisfying the healthcare needs of diverse populations; St. Paul’s Hospital is will forever remain dedicated to providing quality, affordable, and easily accessible patient care with an undying attention to clinical detail and excellence, an unparalleled commitment to patient safety and universally accepted best practices.

At St. Paul’s we treat all persons with love. Whether you are an outpatient, inpatient, just visiting a loved one you will be treated with love, heartfelt compassion, honesty, and respect.


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