Healthcare Provider

The management recognizes the efforts and performance of the employees of the company.  For many years, exemplary feat has been executed hence proving such worth to be corresponded with the ample services and rewards the company may offer.

The management has provided the necessary needs of the members of the company as well as with competent service providers aimed to fulfill the wants and the needs of the members.  Services designed to enhance everyone’s welfare has also been provided.

We are aware that the healthcare provider we currently have benefits the employees with satisfactory remark.  However, due to certain changes of need brought about by the environmental and economic changes, the existing healthcare provider appears to be inappropriate with the modern needs of the company.

In this regard, we would like to formally announce to our participating members that the management came up with the decision to change the existing healthcare provider with a more competent and technologically able one.

We have been experiencing diverse lapses with the existing contributor which we believe can be resolved with the help of a new one.  We know it will bring up another form of adjustment amongst everyone but we believe that through this gradual change it will offer not only satisfactory services but also exemplary improvements.

The company has also conducted scrupulous deliberation and study on the efficiency of this shift.

Moreover, the management is open for feedbacks and remarks with the performance and quality of the new healthcare provider since we fervently believe that it is also the members’ discretion whether or not to keep or change the present provider for the benefit not only for one’s interest but for the whole organization not only for the immediate period but for long-time series.

Thank you very much for your benevolent understanding and participation with regard to this matter.  We are looking forward for a thorough collaboration between the management and the employees.


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