Healthcare Questionnaire

Health care is the treatment, prevention and preservation of the physical and mental well-being of a person through the rendered services by the government and allied medical and health care providers.

Are you currently employed in a health care delivery setting? If no, explain your interest in health care delivery in the United States.

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I am not a member of any health care delivery setting or system. However, I always wanted to become involved in acts that will largely help my community. I would like to learn the different facets of rendering first aid to patients to be able to help in time of emergencies.

Do you feel health care is your right or your privilege? Explain.

Every person has the right to have access to health care services. To be able to enjoy the highest standard and qualities of physical and mental health is an inherent right of  every person.

How often do you access health care? Explain your answer.
a. Seldom (every other year or longer)
b. Annually
c. Every six months
d. Almost monthly
e. Weekly or more often

B. I am a very healthy person and I do not get sick easily. Nevertheless, I make time to visit a physician once a year for overall check-up and to know if I have unknown ailments.

Are you able to see your physician promptly? Explain.

Hospitals are very accommodating to their patients. Doctors attend to the needs of their patients and make sure that they are given the proper service and advise that they need. However, if you come for a regular check-up , you will still have to fall in line to see the doctor as part of the “first come, first serve” protocol of hospitals. However, doctors promptly attend to patients during emergency situations.

Do you have delays in seeing any specialists? Explain.

Since, I go to the doctor annually, I really do not have any problem in seeing specialists. However, I see no difficulty in seeing a specialist since every hospital has departments of different specialization that are readily accessible to patients.

Have you noticed any changes in the way health care services are delivered in the US? Explain.

In my opinion, a significant change is still needed in the aspect of health care in the United States. We may have the recent technologies that transformed the way of providing care management for patients. However, the delivery of health care services needs sufficient attention. In the current setting of health care in the United States, services are available, provided that payment is ensured.

Individuals with health insurance have a wide range of access to treatments and services. However, those individuals who do not have health insurance only have few options available to them when they are ill or in need of health care services.

Are you experiencing increased costs to you for health care services? (Increased co-pays, medications, etc.) Explain.

Personally, I do not experience any increase in health care services since I seldom visit a physician and I also have a health insurance.

Do you feel confident with the competency and skill of health care professionals delivering health care services? If no, explain why you do not feel confident in the health care services they deliver?
a. Physicians? Y/N
b. Nurses? Y/ N
c. Other Allied Health Y/N

Yes to all. Before an individual becomes a doctor, he or she has to pass through years of study in medical school, acquire appropriate training or residency and pass the licensing examination to be able to practice medicine. Same goes to other health care providers; proper and comprehensive training is required to be able to render health    care services to patients.

If you could change one aspect of health care in the US, what would that be? Explain.

I would have everyone despite of economic status, race, gender and other aspects to have equal access to health care services. Providing health care is one of the most important duties of the state and as such, is an inherent right of every individual. If all members of the nation or state is healthy, they will be able to largely contribute to the society.