Healthy School Lunch: a Distant Reality

The Los Angeles Unified School District has been on a raging war with unhealthy eating habits—the likes of junk food—in order to try and change the established behavior of eating unhealthy food. However, changing the unhealthy eating habits of the younger generation today, that has been shaped by the endless promotion of fast-food and junk food giants for decades, seemed like a distant reality.

They are on a losing end, as many students go to nearby food outlets in order to get their unhealthy fix of fast-food and junk food, which contains a lot of unwanted sugar, sodium, and other ingredients.

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Since the explosion in the number of fast-food outlets across the United States, many families turned to these cheap huge meals in order to get their money’s worth. The explosion of fast-food chains in the country was not much of a threat.

It only became a real threat to the children’s health when recess and physical education time were cut-off in order to give more time for academic subjects. Due to such an action, the obesity rate of school-age children has risen up to 17% since the explosion of fast-food chains. Experts worried that the lack of exercise and the fast rate-of-growth of fast-food chains would give rise to a multitude of chronic conditions as they would grow.

Since 1995, the United States government has not updated its nutritional standards for school systems. However, different States have taken action to control and level down the continuous rise of obesity rates of children across the country, with the utilization of strict health and nutrition programs in school. With the recent recession, President Barrack Obama wishes to increase funding for nutrition programs in schools, in order to prevent children from going hungry during the crisis.

However, with the continuous growth of fast-food companies and with the country under a time of recession, efforts to change the unhealthy eating habits of students have been futile. These unhealthy foods are addicting and they would rather buy these than a healthy salad. They have also provided a lot of money for other school clubs that need the funding.


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