Help Doc for Btec business level

Functional areas for Tests Note Tests does not have an s on the end and it has a capital T The components or departments of a business involving some form of special ism e. Human Resources, Research and development, marketing, finance, accounts, sales an d loss prevention. A business like Tests who is a multinational company who have a n international presence will have a tall hierarchical structure. A tall hierarchy in a business w ill represent many management layers, each manager will be in charge of a small group of employees this represents a narrow span of control.

In a hierarchy instructions are generally passed down from one person to another until it gets to the bottom of the hierarchical strut couture. If there was a problem in a hierarchical structure it would move up through the structure again from one person to another until it gets to where it is supported to be. Strengths of a Hi archival structure is that there is a close control of workers. Workers in Tests will know w exactly what they have to do so they don’t wait around until they are told . This is important to have in a business like Tests because this will enable the business to have a tighter con roll and monitor operations closely.

Some of the functional areas within Tests include s Personnel, Alison Hornier is the groups I-J personal director. It is her responsibility for the development of our 500,000 colleagues. The personnel department handles a variety of critic al functions that help meet the needs of business owners, managers and staff. Personnel deep retests hire and train employees, implement company policies and procedures, handle SP specific performance issues, determine employee salaries, ensure that fair labor laws re followed and terminate employees.

Another functional area for Tests is the Finance department, Alan Stewart is t he chief financial director for the business. The finance department The finance department of a business takes responsibility for organizing the financial and accounting affair s including the preparation and presentation of appropriate accounts, and the provision of financial information for managers.