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Grade 9 – 10 Art Foundations Pottery/Ceramic Unit Assignment 1; Preliminary Research Component for Isomorphic Figurine; Internet & RIB; (Summation) Definition:- ‘Having the shape, form or likeness of an animal’ – Wizardry. 1 . Go to Google Images. Form/ 2. Use any 2 – 3 of the following first key words to pair up with either of the key phrases. This will help you to find some interesting examples of Ancient Isomorphic Figures:- First Key Word Second Key Phrase Phoenician Isomorphic Clay Forms Ancient Cyprus Isomorphic Figurines Mesopotamia Persian Ancient Egyptian Hellenic Roman 3. Choose 6 images you are attracted to. 4.

Choose 6 images you are attracted to. 2. Copy and paste all 6 images and their web addresses onto one AY Word Document. 3. Make sure that the total size of your 6 images does not exceed one AY page. 4. 5. Save the Word Document into your account so that you will be able to print in color Assignment 4; Research Component:- Final Design for Isomorphic Form/Figurine; RIB; (Summation) You are required to show a series of drawings of the final piece in your RIB before you make it in the Studio.

The piece will be made using the 2 pinch pots Joined together technique. It will be decorated with line designs and patterns that are likely to be influenced by your research in Assignment 3 but try to reinterpret them to reflect a personal aspect/idea/experience. You will be painting a choice of several different colors of Piece. You will scratch your line design or pattern back into the painted surface. This is called GRAFFITO.

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When dried and fired, you will paint a over the surface and your piece will be re-flared. ### You need to draw 3 sketches of your final chosen Isomorphic Form/Figurine Show a back view, a front view and a side view. Label each view. Show general positioning of surface designs. Make note of where your influences came from for your patterns and designs. Assignment 5; Studio Component:-isomorphic Form/Figurine (Summation) You will make the piece you have drawn in Assignment 4. Enjoy!