High cost of healthcare in the US

As the costs of healthcare in the United States continue to increase, we seldom question of its impact to the community when viewed under the periphery of budget strain which the same posts to the household.

Various counter measures have hit the headlines as measures that would control the inflated costs of healthcare services in the country. Despite the overwhelming competition from the free healthcare market of operation and entrance, there has been continued increase in the price of healthcare service.

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Other important attributes that have developed is the healthcare insurance policy though spurred with a complex debate over its authenticity in terms of the consequential benefits that it may accrue to the society.

The move to lower these costs has been through the provision and start of various programs that address on reduced costs levels. However, the underlying precept in the move towards cost reduction has basically been the argument on the relative level of service quality in the same provision.

At one level, there has been the argument that lowered costs will give a disincentive to the healthcare providers which would ultimately lead to low level of service provision. Elsewhere, this would passively act to compromise the health and life of the citizens.

Importantly however, the A PLUS program may be described as an attempt to refuge the inflationary extraordinary costs of healthcare in the United States. However, the success of the program would be achieved only when the lowered costs of these services is compounded by the existing quality of services or perhaps increasing the current status. However, to achieve this mission, the program ought to consider some factors.

Firstly, it should strike a balance between public healthcare amenities and the process of full privatization of such services. In many cases, private business may be invited towards reducing their service quality with lowered costs of the operations. In many cases however, privatization would play a significant role in providing even higher services that comes from the high level of competition in the market


Also, it should consider the level of operational costs in the process of reducing the costs of operations. High costs of service provision may conceptually dictate high costs rendered for the services to the people. The relationship in the cost reduction for the society should also concur adequately with the cost of the operations by the corporations.

An importance should also be attached to the fundamental inclination in the state of healthcare insurance within the state healthcare structures and the respective costs that may be carried forward to the community.

If the insurance policy can adequately provide for the cost of the services, the level of the lowered costs should ultimately auger with the relative representation of the insurance policy in the national budget. An important factor is that of income distribution and ability to cater for various healthcare services.

Different households and fragments of the American society have varying capacity to cater for their needs. The rate of lowering the healthcare costs should also concur with the household’s ability to pay for the services (http://personalinsure.about.com/cs/healthinsurance1/a/aa060903a.htm).

Conceptually, forces of demand and supply would state that reduced costs of services in the healthcare system would ultimately lead to a lowered quality of output to commensurate with the deficits in the costs of operations by the healthcare organizations. Provision of high quality services would only be achieved through monitoring the basic and statutory factors that govern the process of providing the health services.


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