High school

The Socio-economic Barriers within these rural communities are extremely high. The Lack of access to basic services like Transport to school and access to the local clinics is on-existing at present. By using the Taxi services that is already in use for the working class commuters we could get a low budget transport service for far off children to be transported to school and back. Poverty and underdevelopment is a major problem in these rural communities. It is not possible for all these thousand of people to seek employment in the small town of SST.

Lucia, therefore families are unable to provide the basic -5- necessities for decent living conditions. Even children living next to the school, do not attend, as their parents are unable to afford to buy uniforms. An email to the school authorities suggesting to allow casual clothes to school can solve this problem. Unemployed family members can also help, by starting a vegetable garden at school, which could later be used for supplying ingredients for a soup kitchen, this will alleviate some of the under-nourished children.

Day and Night Crime Watch Service might help to prevent some violence and crime, and minimize learners at risk. If family members can be invited to join in for Information and Discussion sessions regarding substance abuse and HIVE/Aids, this will enlighten people about the risks. The local Clinic Staff can be asked to assist with such a presentation. Inadequate material and libraries leads to Inflexible Curriculum, but these problems can be overcome by using the local surrounding environment.

A day at the beach is for learning all about currents, shoreline, rocks and marine creatures and for fun a dip in the surf which counts for a swimming lesson. An environment day into a nearby park gives the children an opportunity to get acquainted with the plant, flower, trees and animals of their surroundings. Assimilating Wetland Park borders Chula Village and Dukedom forests. The major funding of this World Heritage Site comes from the World -6- Bank, which can be approached for sponsorship of higher-grade pupils to become Game Rangers and Tour Guides.

Most of the people in these rural communities only speak Zulu. The lack of communicating in English and Afrikaans languages creates a Language and Communication barrier. TO overcome this barrier children and adults should attend special English classes. The Lack of Parental Recognition and Involvement can be overcome by involving the parent through introducing the parents and children to the school area and teaching staff. Parent to attend exhibitions done by the children in different levels.