Holly Peterson Unit

Yahoo has the demand and the supply of potential employees is large. However, Yahoo has to prove they are worth working for more then other companies. Yahoo has had many employees, including high-level employees, leave for other companies such as Google, Faceable, and Apple. Marimbas Mayer, C. E. O. , is helping to make sure employees stay. They have a demand to fill but the supply for Yahoo specifically isn’t very high in the immediate area. If Yahoo can keep the employees they have happy then they have a pool to draw from internally for promotion. What better incentive to stay then to get a promotion.

Yahoo wants to retain employees and to do so internal recruiting should be a priority. Jobs should always be vetted through internal candidates before outside recruiting is set in motion. Since Marimbas Mayer became C. E. O. Of Yahoo a lot of changes have taken place corporately. She redesigned and hired almost ten times the amount of engineering and editorial staff. She has pushed to make Yahoo mobile and made friends with competitors such as Google, Apple, and Faceable. If those employees can be kept then Yahoo will have a great talent pool internally to promote from. Thus us porting the corporate strategies she has put in place.

As stated above the immediate area around Yahoo isn’t very lucrative since competition is so high. If I were to recruit for Yahoo would look outside the area. Would pay for moving costs if it were necessary to find the right candidate. Would let potential candidates know that Yahoo is growing and changing. Many companies have gone and will go through periods where it is a little rough but Yahoo is on the up rise again. Pay is above average and people are finding new innovate ways to move the company forward. Everyone wants to a part of the next big thing and this discourse would help him or her think they may e.