Home exercises to improve spelling of children

Many times, children have problems with spelling . In order to enable them to improve, we can help with small tricks that will not cost a lot of work, and that they will face very well at school and be able to write fluently without fouling.

Although not a process that is achieved in the overnight, it is true that some games and little tricks, our children will improve significantly in spelling while having fun.

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Drawings for helping children with spelling

If your child has a difficult time remembering the spelling rules, plus what you learn as time goes on, we can give a little ‘push’ based on drawings. While it is true that very useful booklets are spelling, they do remember the rules, often boring for little kids who otherwise need visual images to remember why they are written in a way or another, words.

Some tricks that can be performed based on drawings are those games where the letters are ‘troubled’ or hard to remember : as V, B, J, G, Y or LL, can have forms depending on the words fun. A B with a little drawing of a prawn, the V forming a vegetable, the LL-shaped raindrops … visually be much easier for kids to remember why write so they do not have the front drawing.

Tips to improve spelling of our children

– Games with Words : In addition to the drawings themselves, where for example also can play with the G of glasses so we do not forget why write like this and other words, we can develop other tips like games that have to do with words that begin with different letters, and thus, the more the better, are those that give more points.

– Crafts spelled Thus, children can go beating if also we offer other games with crafts, where words are written and are missing those letters that may cause controversy, of which we spoke in paragraphs above. If we can put the letters do with clay, with card boards and bright colors, always remember why so write these words, and while learning have fun.

– Reading : But if there is one universal truth is that the faults at the time of writing are corrected with reading, and if they instill in our children the nice habit of reading every day, spelling greatly improved.