How Many People Live on Planet Earth

There are 7 more than billion people on earth right now, and the number is getting bigger each day. Population growth is a serious problem, studies show that the world will hit about 8 billion people by the spring of 2024; it may even rise to 10 billion people by 21 00! This growth will cause a large impact on quality of life. We will have the same amount of resources as we do today. Developing countries will have the worst time because they already don’t have enough food but now here will be more Of them needing the food but still the same amounts Of food.

The reason the population is growing so much is because healthcare has gotten so much better, children are surviving birth and adults are living longer. Not getting enough freshwater is also a major issue. Lakes are one of the planets most important freshwater resources providing water for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses for much of the world’s population. Even though, the earth is mostly water, only 2. 15 percent of all the Earth’s water. Water shortage is a very big problem the world is facing.

A lot of people in the world today do not get access to clean water, which causes the spread Of different diseases. In ancient times, or even in times when technology was not involved in the agricultural production, the shortages were caused mainly by natural disasters or wars. In our century, food crises around the world have added to these causes, other factors as well. These new factors are related to economic systems, political issues, alternative energies and fuels or global warming and climate change. Because the population is growing so much, some people are prided from food.

This can result in people eating food from the bins, and the food carries a lot of bacteria and disease. People who can’t get food in anyway die from starvation. In conclusion, because the population is growing so much, we need to start growing and producing more food, and figuring out a way to make sure there’s enough drinkable water for everyone. But we also have to manage the way the population grows, because at the moment the amount of people is growing but the amount of basic resources such as food and water stay the same.