How to be a real ISKOLAR ng BAYAN

Steps to be a real Solar Eng Banyan Undignified – this is what many of “Kiosks and Asks” have become after leaving the University and after experiencing a college life under the privilege of a scholarship using the money of the Filipinos. Who would’ve thought that those students whom the citizens thought would help our country,Just betrayed them who made it possible for all the Kiosks and Asks to study in the most prestigious University in the country.

Well I guess, the fact that many of my fellow Kiosks and Asks have taken the wrong oath Just made the professors and the administrators worry so much and the only thing I can do as a freshman, is to act with honor and excellence, for a real Solar Eng Banyan lives as an honorable and excellent man. However, in achieving a life of honor and excellence, I must follow three steps to help me achieve the life a real Kiosk must live. First is to believe in God and in my abilities.

Many students go the wrong way because they have forgotten that they have whatever it takes to be successful. I must always remember that I passed the PACT which means, I have what it takes to be in UP and all I have to do is to boost my self-confidence, have faith in God and believe that my abilities and skills will help me survive my college years in the university. Second, I must exert more effort. Like for example, reading our lessons in advance or reviewing the topics our professors had discussed.

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Yes,it is necessary to have faith and to dream of achieving something, but for me to be able to achieve my goals, I have to put my dreams into action. This may be harder than the first step, but this will be my stairway to my goals, for an honorable and excellent man always exerts more effort than what is needed. Lastly, I must always remember that whatever happens, even if I flip the whole world, I still owe the people of our country a big favor.

Because of this, I want to give back to the people, to return the favor they had once given me. Putting this fact in my head will make me think of the consequences of what I am doing: will it have a bad effect on the people around me or will it result in a good one? Maybe; the things that I will do to return the favor I owe the people is not enough, but at least by doing small things to help them and by caring for them I can lessen their burden in life and be considered an honorable man.