How to choose the school for our children

It’s time to enroll our son to school, doubts assail us and we have a delicate and difficult task, since the educational offer is huge. In this note we offer a guide for what aspects to consider.

Choosing a College

It is difficult to know what is the appropriate institution for our children. The college search indicated leads to doubts and frustrations of not knowing whether we opt for the right place or not.

Keep in mind that the school setting you choose will be the place where our children spend much of their day, and where also undertake much of their learning and develop links. Most of the time we know what we want, but we do not know is how to find out if school we have in mind is what really seek.

A variety on offer which further complicates the choice because schools are available with different orientations, such as bilingual, moral religious training, recreational and sporting inclination, commercial activities, etc.

Tips for choosing the right school

The following criteria and recommendations may help to know how to choose the suitable school for our children .

Choose school as your child’s skills

It is important to consider what are the skills or interests of our son , because ultimately it is he who spends time at school, and ideally you enjoy it. Pay attention to this aspect when choosing a school site , and that it is no opt for the best bilingual school if your child has musical talent, or opt for a school with nature-related activities, where interest points to sports . School should be a place where children feel comfortable, content and understood in order to develop it all its qualities and acquire knowledge every day will make him a person with a future. From the child’s interests, is that we lean toward one or another educational establishment.

According to the values

Find out what the ideal school, his conception of man and society.

Does the school have a pedagogical project?

Before choosing a school must ask about what content, teaching methods and projects are carried out. At this point we know if leaning to languages, outdoor recreational activities, field trips, etc. It is also important to know if you have a support office if child’s learning problems or family must occupy the subject.

Features staff

Here we refer to know which human resources are there in the education establishment are. And we do not refer only to teachers but to managers, assistants, psycho cabinet, doctors, etc. We must know their training, experience, number of people to carry out their task, time availability, etc.

School Organization

See how the different activities and schedules are organized is another aspect to consider when choosing a school for our children. Some parents need children to enter and withdraw at specific times, and even some with the tasks already completed. We must also know if the extra activities are carried out within the established schedule, at times other than if the property also greet children at the usual time, etc.

Number of students per classroom

It is important to know what the number of students that are received by course, if the environment in which they will find is suitable for that amount, and teachers who will be in charge of the group (especially in the case of many). Suddenly, If you have problems or learning difficulties, it is preferable to a school with few students, so you can focus more easily.

Possible involvement of parents

In some schools parents have little involvement, their only activity is to bring children, remove and attend meetings. However, others encourage open participation thereof. According to our wishes, we will choose one or another school.

Rules and Discipline

Do not forget ask how management discipline, how are the rules and / or penalties if child misbehavior, what actions taken, if there are penalties if cite parents, etc. Not the same school where just a note is sent to inform the child has misbehaved, another in which parents cited, it is recompose the bad action, etc.

Physical space of the school

It is important to know all the physical spaces are there in the school for the convenience of students. Useless to a large green space outdoors, whether in the case of rain or extreme cold not have a place of refuge. Furthermore, it should control the security; stairs, closed doors, closed doors, emergency exits enabled without chains, etc.

Cost of school

In private schools is necessary to ascertain the share price, tuition, and if usually increase during the year. We also analyze the possibility of scholarships or lower cost if brethren, if there are extra materials and must be paid apart, etc.

Safety on school premises

Following some security, it is important interested about is handling the same school premises at the time of departure. Do you have any personal to control who enters and leaves school ? And during school hours ? Does anyone check both income and output of students ? All questions to be answered when we visit each school for information.

The most important thing when choosing a school for our children, is not being afraid to ask, to get us all doubts, meet classrooms, administrators, teachers, facilities, make whatever inquiries we need, and if necessary, go several Sometimes at school to learn every aspect to investigate. These visits give us a broad and clear for panorama know if it is right or wrong school for our children . Consider that this is the place where children develop much of their daily lives, for many years, and that will help us train them as good people. Undoubtedly, this is an issue to be taken with great responsibility.