How To Come Up With an Excellent Article – Top Tips

Excellent article writing is purely an art. To be great at it, you need to practice. You have to be consistent in order to develop exemplary writing skills.

The following are some valuable tips that will help you write a good article:

Identify your audience

Before you come up with an article, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What are they looking for in an article? Think about trending topics that your readers might be interested in reading. Remember that nobody has the time to pass through an uninteresting article. Approximately 95% of all readers leave an article if they find it useless or valueless within the first three sentences. Therefore, your article must begin with attention-grabbing lines. Simply put, give your readers reasons to read your piece and they will.

Conductive extensive research

Before jotting down your ideas, do some little research. This will surely help you come up with a well-informed and effective article. One way of spicing up your work is by using direct quotes from interviews. Enhance your article with interesting statistics and facts. This provides useful information for your readers. It also adds credibility to your piece.

Always employ a journalistic style of writing

An incredibly written article will certainly reflect a news-style of writing. Always incorporate the H and five W’s. These are how, why, when, where, what and who. Incorporating all these in your opening statements will make your piece not only interesting but also engaging. All the remaining information ought to be present in your subsequent paragraphs.

Use simple and easy to read language

Your writing should always aim for simplicity and clarity. Using complex language structure coupled with difficult words will make your article not only difficult and boring. Readers must understand your article’s basic idea. Your basic goal should be to make your readers understand the information in your article.

Always use short sentences

As you make your sentences, make sure they are concise as possible. Always provide readers with all the essential information they need with few words, avoid offering too much detail. However, give people an overview of what your work entails.

Always make your meaning clear

All your sentences from the first to the last must have good structure. Your grammar should be top notch. Refrain from expressing personal opinions. Avoid using any jargons. These steps will ensure you article is extremely clear in meaning.

Always refrain from using passive voice

As you write your article, avoid passive voice. Tell your readers exactly what they need to do. Active verbs normally add power to your writing. They carry the paragraphs forward. You can never go wrong with active voice.

Always use appealing or catchy headlines

Your article’s headlines play a huge role in drawing the reader’s attention. Writing catchy titles make your article to stand out from other articles. Coming up with an appealing headline can be tricky at times. However, you can always make them catchy by avoiding too wordy sub-titles. Try using active verbs or nouns, i.e. provide a new development, or offer a benefit.

Use the above effective tips to come up with an excellent article.

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