How to educate children too demanding of themselves

Parents tend to be increasingly stressed by all the tasks that must be finished before night comes, well and of course, to comply with work and family obligations. This causes parents to see in childhood worry-free time where all that matters is to play and have fun.

But some children may experience some stress because they require too much themselves, children that the fact of going to school or relate to others it can generate pressure because they want to give their best and show parents and teachers, and colleagues who can really everything.

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Tips for educating children who require much

These children who require too really are suffering because always willing to show the maximum and exacted too much can cause anxiety, which is why as a parent is to protect the children and teach them to handle situations healthily.

Here are some tips to help your child if you see that responsibility and self demand is causing you stress or anxiety:

1. When a child requires too is likely to act with some concern for what you have to improve communication and to know what happens. Help him to put words to their emotions and know you’re at your side and you’re interested in their concerns, without criticism or judgment.

2. It is also important that in this communication learn to listen to your child , leave me explain what happens and shows interest, patience and understanding. Do not judge it by wanting to do things right, just let him see you do not need to be so required too stressed out.

3. Children who require too often have low tolerance to frustration because they do not want to make mistakes and feel the failure. This makes it really important for parents to teach their young to learn from mistakes , to see mistakes as something positive and as an effective method of learning to make things better in a second time.

4. It is also important to limit the stress to which your child may be subjected to the times that required too, whether at home or at school. If you think your child starts to become anxious for this reason and has too many school activities, it may be necessary to limit them so you can devote more time to be a child, to learn, to make mistakes and relate to others.