How to travel on a budget essay

Using the internet is a good way to research locations. Most cities have a chamber Of commerce website that can provide information about the area. Another good way to decide is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Once a location has been determined the mode of transportation needs to be established. One question a person should think about is if driving will be economical? One might wonder if flying or taking a bus or train would be a better option? This is when to research the distance and costs of each option.

Checking websites eke Google maps can give estimates on distances and how much fuel a certain type car will need to make the trip. Airports, bus, and train stations all have websites that will give prices for tickets. If the internet is not an option, calling them is another good way to get the information. The next thing that will need to be done when traveling on a budget is choosing where to stay. There are several great websites that will help to decide the most affordable options for lodging. Websites like Travelogues. Com, Trapdoors. Com, Orbits. Mom and Expedite. Com are just a few examples. These websites can help determine if a hotel, condo, private cabin, or some other option will fit the budget best. Also one should make sure to check for amenities that fit the needs of everyone. Are there small children that will need cribs? Does someone need a handicapped accessible room? Are smoking options a need? Are pets allowed? All these can be answered by checking the websites listed above or specific lodging websites, or by calling them. Last but not least, what s a great trip without fun activities?

This is when to look at what everyone likes to do. Are theme parks a must? Is the beach the only place to be? Is a mountain cabin snuggled up by a fire, the ideal retreat? Is relaxing at the park your ideal day? After establishing all preferences of the group, a person should choose the most important ones and research what is in the area. The family and friends should be asked for recommendations. Again one should check websites of the local chamber of commerce, also the parks, or there businesses for prices and hours Of operation.

Now that the location, transportation, lodging, and activities have been decided, one should gather all the information together and decide on the budget. It is also a good idea to include extra for food, incidentals, and souvenirs. Finally, most of the websites I listed offer discounts and package deals, which are a great way to stay on budget. Most people think traveling has to be expensive and out of reach, but with research, planning, and a good budget, anyone can have a great trip.