Four critical skills that are outlined by the s)labs are the testing of (I) description (the outlining of relevant content). Anal sis the ability to break do n. Select and comment on the significance of relevant details) and. Synthesis (the ability to bring together and condense in a nee form information drawn From arioso sections Of a text for the purpose of anus erring a particular question): (u) the ability to communicate informed opinions and juggernauts in well-structured. Analytical responses in oral and written form using the vocabulary of literary criticism; (iii) the ability to recognize the critters craft (the writer as a person who employs various techniques in the shaping of language and the presentation of character and behavior) and (iv) the ability to respond to West Indian and other Literatures in English: novels short stories, poems and plays: to make rational and sensitive appraisal of a)u judgments, states of consciousness and other concepts explored in literature, and relate these to readily lax inning.

In short students are expected to: demonstrate the ability to describe or outline relevant content analyses, that is, break down, select and comment on significant relevant details synthesize, that is. Appropriately select relevant information from different sources and organize it coherently in response to a particular question comfortably and fluently write about literary works using the language of literary criticism recognize the writers use of techniques and devices to effectively convey issues. Houghton and observations respond to the various issues and ideas explored in literature and demonstrate an understanding of how these reflect, elucidate and relate to everyday life. These skills represent, to a significant extent, the expectations regarding students’ abilities once they are thoroughly prepared to study and respond to iterate. More specifically, students ho are so prepared are expected to demonstrate tin their responses) understanding through Knoxville of text and in%eight which includes their having adequate and relevant content, and their electing relevant and accurate examples.

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Of equal importance is their expression chichi takes in properly organized responses inch are appropriately structured and developed, have clear and logical argument, and use language which includes clear and appropriate expression and show competence in the mechanics of writing (sentence structure, grammar, punctuation. And spelling). The sea/, detent sent are therefore evaluated ‘s labs and helpful nana yes Of students’ Iv Ark outline n the’-. Kiss ii the lilacs the context of these skills outlined h the 11 he useful f edged by the parameters Two essays written by candidates in response to Questions 6 (Poetry) and 7 (Prose Fiction) on the 2011 SEC English B paper will be analyzed in the context outlined above. Question 6 Poetry Question six in this year’s examination sought to give candidates a choice both in terms of the range of poems they could choose from and the latitude through which they had to respond.

It required them to demonstrate knowledge of the poems by focusing on the thing or person admired in the poem, explain how the devices contributed to conveying the type of admiration they identified in, and respond to how the poem they chose resonated with them in terms of its presentation of admiration. In this section, it was expected that a meaningful response would identify issues such as the nature of the admiration and the reason for it, the techniques and devices used to convey the idea of admiration and a justification of why each aspect identified made the poem appealing to them.

As is expected in any good response, the candidates were expected to use relevant and adequate content and relevant and accurate examples to support the views presented. This question demanded that candidates demonstrate a clear understanding of both the issues raised in the question and show an intimate understanding of the poem by adducing meaningful examples to support and establish arguments proffered (description, analysis and synthesis).

It was also expected that the essay will be organized in coherent paragraphs that fluently transition from one idea to the next with appropriately written introduction and conclusion. Candidates were expected to observe the appropriate grammatical and mechanical conventions. Candidate’s Response to Question 6 This candidate produced an excellent response to this question. The syllabus seeks to develop the skills of understanding which take into account knowledge of text and insight, and expression which takes into account organization Of response and quality of language.

This essay is an excellent example of the skills assessed. Relevance and adequacy of content and relevance and accuracy of examples are the major skills that a candidate needs to demonstrate under knowledge and insight. The response will be analyses in relation to these two areas as outlined in the syllabus. Candidates were expected to (a) Describe who or what is admired, in (b) Identify and discuss how a poetic device is used in each poem to convey admiration and in (c) Say which poem is more appealing in its presentation of admiration and why.

The question is clear about the focus the candidate needs to have. This candidate has drawn on relevant and adequate content to respond to the question and in addition has drawn relevant and accurate examples to support the response. In the second paragraph, the candidate identifies the.. Other in Loran. Goodish s “For My Mother (May I Inherit Half Her Strength)” as the person worthy of admiration. Her devotion to her family, her unselfishness, her tolerance or mental resilience are all identified as reasons for choosing the mother as a subject of admiration. Tolerant” and “unselfish” are both appropriate and adequate descriptions of the mother’s qualities that make her admirable. In addition, this candidate seeks to support his/her point by quoting from the poem, lines that are relevant to the descriptions given. They accurately illustrate the descriptions outlined by the candidate. The candidate treats the poem “A Contemplation upon Flowers” by Henry King in a similar manner. The candidate identifies “bravery’, “acceptance’ and ‘Willingness” as qualities to admire.

The candidate also appropriately highlights the contrast between the persona’s attitude to death, with that of the flowers as a way of strengthening the reason for the admiration of the flowers. The example adduced by the candidate appropriately and accurately illustrates the courage of the flowers in contrast to that of the persona. The candidate’s use of such words as “persona” and is/her identification of the technique of contrast which highlights more clearly the reason the flowers are worthy of admiration are testimony to the knowledge and skills of analysis.

The use of the language of poetry and criticism is an indication of the comfort with which this candidate approaches a literary response. The second part of the question which challenges candidates to demonstrate an understanding of how techniques are used to convey ideas is handled very well by the candidate. For the Goodish poem, the candidate identifies repetition and imagery as the techniques for discussion. The candidate speaks of the poet using imagery, coupled and interwoven with repetition and goes on to adduce the repetition of ‘While she sewed” as the evidence on which the assertion regarding the use of techniques is based.

Listing a number Of tasks done by the mother while she sews allows the candidate to appropriately conclude that both the poet and readers are “in awe at her mothers ability to tend to these tasks” and draw our attention to the effectiveness of imagery interwoven with repetition in conveying why the mother was worthy of admiration. Similarly, the candidate handles very well he use of technique in Kings “A Contemplation Upon Flowers”.

Identifying personification as the device that conveys admiration, the candidate asserts that the flowers acceptance of death through a seeming process of reasoning is by itself elevating the flowers because the skill of reasoning is a special human quality. Through this process of reasoning, the flowers unlike human beings accept their fate as God’s design. The candidate highlights the contrasting response to death of human beings who in the example drawn on must submit as a student to death who must “teach (him) so that his breath / Map sweeten and perfume his death”.

What is demonstrated by this candidate is an insightful response to how device is used as he/she is able to appropriately identify the device and explain how it h. Gaslights the way in which the flowers are worthy of admiration by contrasting its response to death with that of the persona. Importantly. This candidate’s ability to draw from life and relate these experiences to an understanding of literature enhances the quality of the insight he/she provides in response to the queue. Scion. In the candidate’s personal response.