I by quoting one of “the Voices of

I would be honored to start this essay by quoting
one of “the Voices of The American Teachers” 
Robert John Meehan ” We are not “just teachers” , we are the managers of
the greatest world’s resource: Children”

Through years English language has exploded across
the planet.  You have different
opportunities once you are part of this language. Starting from volunteering to
teach abroad, finding jobs in other countries or even teach English as a second
language in your home country. You can teach
large classes, small groups, or have one on one time with students. You can
choose to teach more formal classes in public and private schools including
little kids, business professionals, teenagers or even adults.

As an English teacher I always take
great satisfaction in the fact that I am being successful in helping even the
weakest students to speak English and dramatically improve the level of many of
those I teach.

I always try to teach my classes
entirely in English without exception, even with absolute beginners. This helps
my students tremendously as they are “forced” to communicate in English, even
though many traditional academics teach through the mother tongue of the
learner which makes the target language more artificial.

Grammar is always explained by use
of examples in such a way that it didn’t feel like grammar and something hard
to be understood.

One of my favorite jobs as an
English teacher is learning through “games” which means taking away the regular
form of teaching with blackboards and copybooks into dances, puzzles, board
games, different activities, competitions etc. The teacher joins in on games,
sits down with particular groups, and gives students different tasks. This way
you make all the students participate in your class simply because it’s more

I always try to encourage my
students as much as I can, and congratulate them on their efforts, no matter
how small their achievement is. Corrections are made in a way that they would
remembe the next time, but without embarrassing them.

The most important thing I learned
by being an English teacher, is that learning definitely can be fun, and not
all about grammar, vocabulary and feeling stupid in front of the others by one
little mistake I may have made.

Teaching English I may consider as one of the best
decisions I made in my life because it gives me special satisfaction both on
personal and professional level.