Icelandic Eruption Spews Record

European funded commission gave new highly advanced instruments to the Scientists stationed near the volcano, and so even though the eruption is relatively remote, it is still one of the best eruptions monitored.

These new endings can help scientists learn more about the formation of ocean floors, and the scientists can see how to eruption is evolving. Some scientists believe that the eruption can last for more months or even years. They are even calling it Monaural, which represents the thin strands in the lava flow that are similar to a witch’s hair. My views and opinions on this article vary. At first glance, I think that the eruption is very cool. I mean, its record breaking. The amount of lava flow is unfathomable.

Also, it helps scientists with their understanding of the tectonic plates, ocean floors, and lava which will greatly contribute to our society. The more we learn, the more we can improve and evacuate people to safety if something like this were to happen in the middle of a highly populated city. But, taking a further and deeper look into the article makes me feel worried. Even though it is in a remote area, I am concerned that this type of year long eruptions will start somewhere closer to America, and the lava buildup will eventually overrun the peninsula of Florida.

My opinion is that the scientists should just keep studying the eruption and collect as much data as possible. When the eruption stops, then the scientists can then analyze their data and prevent something like this from happening again(at least not in largely populated areas.