If deceased body into an etherious body which

If I could, would I want to
become Natsu Dragneel? If I could, I would most definitely become Natsu
Dragneel. The good stuff about being Natsu is that he breathes & eats fire.
He can produce his own fire anywhere on his body or cover his body with fire.
His best friend is a blue, flying, talking cat named Happy from another world.
His (foster) dad is Igneel the King of the Fire Dragons. Now that doesn’t mean
there aren’t bad things about being Natsu. Natsu suffers from motion sickness
whenever he’s on any type of transportation or thinks about transportation,
this is due to the large amount of magic power inside his body. Being Natsu
also comes with the consequences of his reckless & carefree attitude. He’s
always getting into fights with his friends even though he loses every time.
Natsu also goes on a lot of quests & has gained a lot of experience from
it. Natsu learned to never give up on anything because then you have really
lost everything.

What surprised me about Natsu
is that his brother Zeref, the Black Mage, had reanimated his younger deceased
body into an etherious body which in turn made Natsu a demon. Natsu, however
doesn’t know he’s an etherious & he has no memories of Zeref, his parents,
or the dragon attack on his town. He is later told that the strongest demon in
the library of Zeref is a fire demon named E.N.D who turns out to be Etherious
Natsu Dragneel.

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I believe that Natsu’s biggest
achievement is when he fought alongside Atlas Flame the Hellfire Dragon, who is
a great friend to Igneel, the King of the Fire Dragons. Natsu & Atlas Flame
go to confront Future Rogue & Motherglare the Egg Dragon. The 2 Dragons
clash while Natsu & Future Rogue fight upon Motherglare’s back. Natsu,
later defeats Future Rogue & destroying the Eclipse Gate which sends Future
Rogue & all the Dragons including Atlas Flame back to their own time. I
think it’s his biggest achievement because he got to meet a friend of Igneel
& fight alongside him.

Natsu suffers from motion
sickness because of his Dragon Slayer power. 
He can become sick from looking or thinking about any type of
transportation. He doesn’t get sick when he has his best friend, Happy, fly him
places because he sees Happy as family not transportation. After, the fight
with the S-Class Mage, Gildarts Clive; Natsu realized that to become an S-Class
Mage he must first surmount his weakness of fear. The only things Natsu fear
are Erza’s wraith; he Magic Council, & transportation.

“Natsu is carefree &
reckless in nature, and, despite his consistent brawls with the other Fairy Tale
members, he is fiercely loyal & a protective friend.” Natsu goes through
his entire life fighting, eating, & training with his friends in the guild.
Natsu starts fights with all of Fairy Tales S-Class Mages even though he loses,
he pushes himself to become stronger even time. Natsu demonstrates no bad
feelings towards his guild mates after his losses, he even shows this attitude
to former enemies. “Natsu has even gone as far as defending Laxus from being
expelled, despite his attempt at taking over the guild” (Mashima 8).

Igneel decided to seal his
damaged soul in Natsu’s body to keep himself alive until it was time to fight
Acnologia which put Natsu 400 years in the future. When Natsu awoke he thought
that Igneel had abandoned him not knowing he put himself inside his body on
July 7, X777. Natsu set out on a journey to find Igneel & was found by
Makarov Dreyar the Master of Fairy Tale. Natsu joined Fairy Tale & quickly
forms a bond with Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, and Elfman & Lisanna

Natsu Dragneel was born
sometime in the X300’s. He lived with his older brother Zeref & their
parents. However, Natsu died in a dragon attack along with his parents. Zeref,
his older brother, was the only one to survive. This made Zeref study magic
& how it could affect the living & the dead. Zeref later used Natsu’s
dead body to revive him as an etherious. Later, Natsu met Igneel the King of
the Fire Dragons. Igneel decided not to kill Natsu because he loved him too
much. Igneel decided to instead teach Natsu to speak, write, read, &
perform the lost magic known as Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.