If I Were An Animal

If Were an Animal, I Would Be a Lioness If I were an animal, I would be a lioness. This is because I am most analogous to one. First of all, am fierce. This can be shown by my ambitiousness, persistence, and fearlessness. I am not afraid of challenges. How a lioness looks firmly at her prey, aim to fulfill my goals. Am not afraid to risk my reputation to do the right thing. Even though am not always perfect, I do the best can. Sometimes, a lioness is lurking in the tall grass and focusing on the deer in front of her just when it feels her presence and runs away.

Just like that, I sometimes fail to achieve my goals. For example, I sometimes forget to do a thing or another. I even got out in the class spelling bee for an easy word last year. But why am like a lioness is that even though fall, get right up and Start again. After getting Out, I started practicing super hard for this years bee. And I stayed up till the last 6 people!!! Am not scared of failure, I learn from it. Also, I am brave. I am not afraid to show what I know at any moment. Like a lioness who goes out in the wild, not frightened of the future, I am ready to fight any tough situation.

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Sometimes, an elephant r other large animal comes up to a lioness. Even there, she does not run away, but faces it. Just like that, I don’t turn away from any difficult situation, but accept it. For example, in class, my teacher asked me to perform a dance to show the meaning of Dalai. I was unsure of it but overcame it and told my teacher any day. I went home and practiced and practiced until it was perfect. And I did great!!! I am not afraid of unexpected things, but face them. From this, you can tell that am very much like a lioness. I am fierce, ambitious, persistent, fearless, and brave. What are you most like?