If will experience the psychological consequences of such

If regular sex isn’t as bright as it
was, the easiest way out is to invite one more partner to it. Despite their
jealousy, most girls don’t mind sharing the bed with two lovers at the same
time. Besides, according to statistics, half of them perceive other ladies as
sexual objects. That’s why it’s not that hard to persuade your girlfriend to
spice up your sex life with a threesome.

for a third partner

Usually, it’s the guys who come up with the
idea to expand the number of sex partners in the bed. So the responsibility for
finding the third party lies on them. And then the question arises – where to
look for this partner? The easiest (and the dumbest) option is to ask one of
your friends. This idea is dumb because friendship will most likely end with
this experiment. Someone you barely know fits best in this case. This person
will simply disappear from your life in the morning. But there will be a new
problem – you and your partner will experience the psychological consequences
of such night of love. Therefore, if the idea of having a threesome comes to
your mind, it’s necessary to discuss it with your soul mate in detail. Of
course, the third partner should suit both of you. And in no case should you
try to solve relationships problems with the help of threesome.

to make it work

When it comes to a threesome, you need to
keep a few basic rules in mind, and the first is foreplay. It should ease the
tension between all partners, so the first stage – kisses and innocent touches
– should last until there’s no shyness between you.

If sex is spontaneous, then you can skip
this stage. If it’s FMF sex, you should pay attention to both partners equally;
otherwise, one of the girls may become jealous. If there are two men for one
woman, a competition in skills will take you nowhere. You need to please the
partner equally, too. The second rule is protection. In the case of FMF
threesome, you’re gonna need a lot of protection. When switching between
partners, you must always change the condom.

If the ladies are ready to experiment not
only with you but with each other, everything gets simpler: while the girls
make love to each other, you admire them and take part in action from time to
time. But it’s unlikely that two girls in your bed will suddenly go bisexual.
So you’ll have to work twice as hard. Starting a threesome, get ready for at
least two acts, twenty minutes each.

Here’s one more thing: oral sex is an
obligatory attribute of a threesome. Don’t be afraid to overdo it – the more
you give, the more you get.

threesome positions

Here are the best threesome
positions for those, who have never tried sex with two partners before.

sex + 1

One of the simplest and most common positions
for an FMF threesome is classic missionary sex with one girl lying next to the
other. With your free hand, you caress the second partner and kiss her breasts
and neck. You must keep all your weight on your knees and supporting forearm.

is on top, and one is behind

Sit between the legs of a half-sitting girl
A, and place the girl B on top of you in the traditional rider’s position. For
such an exercise, you need to have strong thigh muscles and a healthy low back
because controlling the movements of the partner B will be a bit difficult.

sex in a rider’s position

Perhaps, this position can be called “a
camel.” Combining oral sex and classic sex is possible. Both girls sit on top
of you. With your hands and hips, you try to control the amplitude of the
second partner’s movements. Meanwhile, the first girl enjoys oral sex in your

style + 1

Girl A lies on her stomach, and you’re
behind. The second partner lies next to her so that you can reach her with your
hand. Stimulation of the clitoris is the best choice in this case; the second
partner may reach orgasm even faster than the first, as a clitoral orgasm is
much easier to achieve.

style and two partners

If you love the sight of a woman’s back,
then a double doggy style is for you. Moving from girl to girl that kneel side
by side, don’t forget to keep stimulating the one who is waiting for her turn.
Caressing her buttocks, running your fingers along the intimate areas, you’ll keep
her “interested” in the process. It’s better not to have sex with one partner
for more than five or six minutes.

and a threesome

This position is the best if you need a
pause to catch your breath. It also allows all three partners to get a bit
closer. You, too, can relax a little, not forgetting to stimulate both girls
with your fingers at the same time. There’s also a chance that your partners
(or at least one of them) will suddenly come up with the idea of having oral
sex with you. Although, if none of them wants, don’t ask them to do it: the
girls may just be embarrassed to do this in front of each other.

Remember, what you do isn’t a perversion,
and, according to surveys, 90% of men would gladly be in your place now.