If you are trying hard to learn something

If you heard about a way that could assist you in loving yourself again, would you be interested in learning more about it? Absolutely, yes. You want to learn more about loving and believing in yourself, don’t you? Loving yourself means accepting that it is good to make mistakes or even 1000 mistakes and that still you deserve to be loved no matter how many mistakes you have already made? Remember, no one can explore their life without making mistakes. Failure is the proof that you are trying hard to learn something new in your life.

Here, you will find some of the easiest ways that can assist you in loving yourself again. So, read it carefully.

1.    Your thoughts on yourself

Ask yourself about what things come in your mind when you think about yourself. You can do it when you are standing in front of mirror. Be honest to yourself when splitting out thoughts about yourself. It is important to be honest with yourself to know the true thoughts about yourself whether it is good or bad. Due to this habit, you will know how to deal with your bad emotions or feelings. When you will know what is inside you, you can start filtering process to take out bad emotions or thoughts from your soul.

Remember, what you see in others often reflects what you see in yourself. So, be ready to refine your soul with good thoughts.

2.    Idealism

Idealism can feel to good to be true in general. It is not in reality. Remember, no one is perfect in any way that you need to follow them or their deeds. You don’t have to be compelled to use other’s thoughts or plans or policies on your life. Everyone’s life is different from others.

 So, there is not such term called perfect. Accept yourself as you are naturally but not what others think about you or want you to be. You can’t be perfect in anyway. So, just learn to accept yourself naturally and believe in your true self.

3.    Being in relationship

You know that all of us are social animal who tends to communicate their emotions, thoughts, knowledge with one another. It is good to be sociable.

But sometimes, you must avoid this character of yours when it comes to those who always bring you down no matter how hard you try to be good to them. These kind of people are already victims of pessimism.

 Don’t think that doing this action will make you as a selfish person. Remember, loving yourself is not like being selfish but loving yourself is the first step of helping others in need. When you are happy with yourself, then, you can make others happy.

4.    Act of forgiveness

You know that we make mistakes frequently on a daily basis but we learn to be wiser than what we were in the past from those mistakes. Remember, failure is like our teacher which provides us hints for the way to our successful life.

Yes, sometimes, we can’t understand those hints from our first mistake and tends to make bigger mistakes than the first one.

Due to this action, we start to question ourselves about our intellectuality or we start to name ourselves as a bad person.

 As time passes, we still think about our past mistakes as a sign of bad person and start to ruin our present. So, here comes the need for the act of forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting the past go through your mind. Remember that good person makes mistakes too.

Don’t think yourself as a bad person remembering your past deeds. Let it go through your mind, accept the present. Also, you should forgive those people in your life who have hurt your feelings.

 Remembering them will compel you to remember their bad deeds that hurt your feelings and this can certainly hamper your progress in your life. So, from today onwards, build the habit of forgiveness.

5.    Avoiding excuse

Most of the people have a habit of making excuse. They do this because they tend to be happy excusing the things that they need to do at present. They postpone their works for the future assuming that they will have enough time for it in future.

 But what they are doing is postponing the progress of their life. When they realize this, they become sad and depressed. This leads to their unhappy life.

My motive here is to make you familiar with the habit of excuse. Now, you have known the devastating effects of making excuse in your life.

So, you should learn to avoid excuse and continue your daily activities for your better future. You should not be confused by the effects of those deeds in your success. Remember that we are here to explore our life which can’t be done by making excuse.

 Yes, it is true that we may experience mistakes and failure but at least we learn from them and become the better version of ourselves rather than staying the same with full of excuses which will certainly hurt you when you realize it lately.

6.    Avoiding competition

The world is always busy and people are competing with each other. Yes, it is good to compete with one another. But sometimes, it can demotivate you for loving yourself. Remember, there will always be someone better than you in anyway.

You just have to accept it in order for you to be happy in life. Sometimes, focusing on competition creates sense of insecurity within ourselves which is bad for our wellbeing.

 So, just accept as you are and what you have. Remember, there will always be someone better than you and someone lower than you in every aspect of your life. So, take it as your guide for staying calm and living happy life.

7.    A good laugh

Yes, it is good to be serious about your life. It reminds you of your responsibilities for your life but being always serious is not right for us.

There must be some good laughs, humor in our daily life for our wellbeing. Being too much serious is like thinking of performing another task when you are already doing one task at present.

 This habit will always prohibit you from enjoying your present.

8.    Laughing at yourself

This term may be misunderstood as not believing in yourself which is not true. This is simply meant as loving yourself. When we start to make fun of ourselves, then, we start to accept our failures and mistakes as our teacher that guides us for our successful life.  This habit is hard to cultivate but pays well when adopted. There will be no one who can tease or annoy you for your failures in life which is great in terms of meaningful life.


Final Thoughts

The act of loving yourself starts with you, not others. You are responsible for what happens in your life, not others.

 So, why you should follow other’s policies for your life. Just make your own rule, learn new things by doing but not by making excuse. Have a good laugh with someone who truly guides you for your happiness in your life. Be practical, but not ideal.

 You should do the things that make you happy but not others. Remember, you are great achiever in your own way. So, just continue to explore your life with humor, laugh, adventures, failures and so on.