Igor Sikorsky Essay

E even though he was born in Russia, he said that the proudest day of his life was when he became me an American. Igor Scissors was an amazing inventor and changed America. He loved to stud dye and learn about aeronautics which led him to build helicopters. Igor also had other interests s such as astronomy, and writing. He even wrote a short book called “The Message Of the Lord’s par year” and an autobiography called the “Story of the Winged S”. Many people say Scissors was the “Father of the Helicopter.

He did not want to accept the fact that people were calling him the “Father of the Helicopter” even though his boo k did not explain exactly why. Igor invented three helicopters for the army. They were the GRIP, the Applegate (its big size had to be put under developmental changes) and the VASES (the a army’s third helicopter). This third helicopter (VASES) was Sorority’s best helicopter. This w as the army’s favorite helicopter because it had three, two bladed adjustable rotors and it c old operate at zero air speed (it did not require a runway, it could be airborne directly from the gar mound. ).

Each of the rotors diameters were about feet. Igor Scissors went to Yale University after his grade school and received a doc torso degree. Igor was celebrated as a creator of safe and reliable aircrafts. Igor called all of his helicopters “hell”. He moved to Long Island, New York and created ” The Scissors Manufacturing Corporation” The company eventually became “The Scissors Aviation Corporation”. A few y ears later, his company later became a division of “United Aircraft Corporation” and “United Technologies Corporation”. Unfortunately, Igor Scissors died in 1972. When he died, his son Sergei said, ‘ Mourn that he is