Before leaving for work he sits down and watches Saturday morning cartoons with his children. As he watches his little boy and girl smile and laugh at Perry the platypus thwarting Dry. Differentiators latest ridiculous scheme; he can’t help but smile and look back fondly at his memories Of the Pink Panther, Yogi Bear, Scoops-Do, and other lovable and timeless characters. For one agree with Dry. Issue’s claim because I believe that as adults we have the mental capacity to mature, but our childish thoughts and desires prevent us from doing so .

Adults are obsolete children in the sense that they don’t forget that they were once children; adults started as children not adults so they will always have that childish background and will always know how to act and display behavior typically expected of children. When do people stop being children? The legal answer is eighteen. In the eyes of society you’re seen as adults. That doesn’t necessarily mean you take on adulthood right away. Of course you’re allowed to vote and have other rights adults enjoy, but you most likely still depend on your parents like a child would.

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An example is; let’s say you still live with your parents and your mom still does your laundry and basically all the other things she did when you were a child. You are an adult in the physical and legal sense but are not mentally because you are not handling responsibilities an adult would. Therefore, your parents won’t see you as an adult but as a kid still living in their house with laws still applying to you. You might of heard this common parental saying “my house my rules. It is obvious to say that this meaning is intended to the audiences that are reeking the house rules. Bickering and disagreeing is a common sight among children. It’s seen as normal and acceptable behavior. As adults people are expected to put aside differences, compromise, and work together; but that isn’t always the case, in fact this type of behavior even exists in the agencies of our own government The FBI has been known to be in a long-running feud with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

By the order of the attorney general the two agencies were to merge and share certain databases. Both agencies refused to share information at crime scenes, furthering hampering efforts to apprehend criminals. The FBI created its own bomb-sniffing dog training program even though the TAFT has had a successful high-quality program for years. What is most childish of all is the refusal to accept assistance due to some petty rivalry. On the day of September, 1 1 , 2001 30 TAFT agents arrived at the scene. The commanding FBI officer at the site told them to leave.

This type of behavior is expected of an immature and arrogant child. If you’re familiar with the show “Jackass” you’ll know that the cast is notorious for doing painful and ungenerous stunts. One of the things that would make the cast of Jackass seem like children to the viewers is that they are constantly causing each other pain and humiliation for the sake of getting a laugh across. An astonishing example is ‘ ‘The Fart Mask. ” Basically what it is is an air tight space helmet connected to a hose with a funnel.

One member would put on the helmet which in this case would be Steve-O and the other would place his rear end on the funnel and just let all the gas that he has in him out. What this act of immaturity is an attempt of getting attention. Let’s take an elementary school student at a playground; he has all this fellow classmates surrounding him only for one reason, he is about to eat a worm. As his classmates look at him with disgust he doesn’t care because he has all the attention in the school and to him that’s all that matters. This is a comparison Of “Jackass” and elementary student seeking attention.

On a more serious manner to this topic, a philosopher by the name fjord Perry states that “the final cause of a living organism is the function that organism normally performs when it reaches maturity. The form or structure it develops through childhood should help it to perform these functions well when it reaches maturity. To understand what humans are, we need to understand what it is we expect fully developed, adult humans to be like. ” What Perry is trying to imply here is that people need to know what the meaning of adult is.

He gives an idea of how children become adults. A structure is developed through childhood which ends up to maturity or adulthood. Basically you’re an adult when you are mature. Now lees go back to Dry. Issues quote “adults are merely obsolete children. Let’s be honest everyone is mature at certain level. You will be the one deciding when to apply the maturity. Hanging out with friends is a good example to back up this quote because when you are with friends you’re definitely going to act immature not professional like you would with a job interview.

As an adult and a college student I still live with my parents. I rely on them somewhat, but I still consider myself an adult. Reason being is because do things that will make the crowd see me as an adult. For example; I have a job and pay for my own things like phone bill, gym membership, loathes, and gas. But then again work at a school assisting the after school program in that job I work with kids and adults so it requires me to act childish, fun, and active around kids and serious/mature around adults.

Outside of work I can honestly say that act more like a child than an adult because I’m with my friends most of the time. This people aren’t just regular friends they are my childhood friends. I’ll tell you this, when you know someone for so long you’ll tend be quite comfortable with each other and the level of maturity there would be nonexistent but when it comes down to Ewing around your friends parents the level of maturity will be at its finest.