Imo Class 12

Time : 1 hr.Total Questions : 50LEVEL-II
Guidelines for the Candidate 1. You will get additional ten minutes to fill up information about yourself on the Answer Sheet, before the start of the exam. 2. The Question Paper comprises four sections: Logical Reasoning (20 Questions), Mathematical Reasoning (15 Questions), Everyday Mathematics (10 Questions) and Achievers Section (5 Questions) Each question in Achievers Section carries 3 marks each, whereas all other questions carry one mark each. 3. All questions are compulsory.There is no negative marking. Use of calculator is not permitted. 4. Write your Name, Roll No. and Class clearly on the Answer Sheet and do not forget to sign it. 5. There is only ONE correct answer. Choose only ONE option for an answer. 6. To mark your choice of answers by darkening the circles in the Answer Sheet, use an HB Pencil or a Blue / Black ball point pen only. E.g. Q.16: A number has nine ones, six tens and eight hundreds. What is the number? A. 869 B. 896 C. 968 D. 986 As the correct answer is option A, you must darken the circle corresponding to option A in the Answer Sheet. 7. Rough work should be done in the blank space provided in the booklet. 8. Return the Answer Sheet to the invigilator at the end of the exam. 9. Write your Roll No. on the Question Paper too and take it home for future reference.SYLLABUS
Sets, Relations and Functions, Mathematical Induction, Logarithms, Complex Numbers, Linear Inequations, Quadratic Equations, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates, Straight Lines and Family of Straight Lines, Circles, Conic Section, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Exponential and Logarithmic Series, Mathematical Logic, Statistics & Probability, Three Dimensional Geometry, Vectors, Stocks, Shares and Debentures, Average and Partition Values, Index Numbers, Matrices and…