Improving Patient Experience Outline

Net promoter System: What is it? A system used to track loyalty of customers through calculating an NAPS score based on how patients may rate doctors, and their opinion about their health care provider. It further includes the process of initiating action plans to produce more promoters and fewer detractors. Why is it being used? This method is helpful to invite more loyal patients and establish accountability of physicians in a hospital.

It will ask patients the exact question that will help health care providers improve their service, according to their patients needs. That, in turn will produce not only more profits, but also good reputation. How will it be used? It will be incorporated into a hospital by first accumulating feedback forms from patients asking them to rate the doctor on a scale of 1-10 and explain the primary reason of the score.

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Answers to those simple questions will help health care personnel in a hospital to assess the common drawbacks of their service, so they can improve upon them and please more patients. Satisfied patients will refer the doctors in the hospital to other people and will become remotes. The hospital will benefit if it has more than 65% of a promoter score. LCP (Ultimate Patient Experience) Score, formulated by the Vital Checklist is a new approach that addresses the feedback questions properly because it locates exactly what the hospital needs to improve upon.