In defense of food

I stumbled upon Michael Pollen’s book in a supermarket. You will get the irony if you read the book. I was having some weight problems. Back then I was eating less and less and became more active, but instead of loosing weigh I was putting on more lbs. I knew something was wrong and the “In Defense of Food” book showed me why the so called “healthy meals” I was eating were in fact bad for my health and were causing my weight problems – One of the rules form the book is to avoid the foods which claim to be healthy.

The book open my eyes o new world: the world of real foods . I started reading the labels of my favorite foods and soon after reading the book I entered in my kitchen, start cooking and enjoying food. Pros: – a pleasant read. I was fascinated about the info and how Michael Pollen presents it, so I finished the book in Just 2 days. – a lot of myths about food are totally destroyed – you will see why the so called healthy foods are in fact not so healthy – your will earn how shop for food smartly and what traps to avoid – you will see food from a different perspective.

Home cooked meals will become attractive and don’t be surprised if you will start cooking. Seriously. It should be required reading in Health class or something. I cannot say enough good things about this book. It covers everything I wished The Omnivores Dilemma did when I was reading that. It is so refreshing to see someone point out how crazy our country’s eating habits have oaten. The idea of “Eat whatever you want, Just make it yourself,” is brilliant.

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How much easier than counting calories or points, reducing entire food groups, keeping ratios of crabs and proteins, categorizing foods as “good” or “bad”–here, the lunacy ends. Go back to eating real food, like your grandmother ate, and make it yourself. So simple, but so effective. Michael Pollen is a great author, making the subject of Food so interesting, I couldn’t put this book down. A must-read.