In end, Max is able to survive it

In life, unexpected events can happen at any time but it is how we react and come back from these events which matters the most. In The Book Thief, Max has an extremely difficult life due to being jewish and living in Germany during Kristallnacht. Max and his family all learnt a very important lesson, sacrifice. Max’s family sacrifices their chance of living for Max because they think that he has a better chance at living. In the end, Max is able to survive it all, but we do not figure out what happens to his family. They most likely died but this proves that their sacrifice was able to save Max. The ideas, style features, and visuals of my poem work together to show that sometimes sacrifice can help improve someone’s life. My poem has ideas that show that sometimes sacrifice can help improve someone’s life. Firstly, lines 9-15 show how difficult and emotional it is for Max to leave his family. Max clearly shows that he doesn’t want to leave his family behind to die, but they all insist for him to leave since he would have a much better chance at survival by living at the Hubermanns. Later in the book when Max is at the Hubermanns, the narrator, Death, talks about how Max constantly has nightmares about his family, similarly to Liesel. Max is extremely distraught about his family as if he already knows that they have all died but he does not want to believe it. My second idea is in lines 16-28. These lines are showing the reader the disbelief that Max feels. He cannot believe that he just left his whole family behind to die. He also feels guilty for leaving except it was not his choice since his family told him to go and take his last and only chance. Miraculously, the sacrifice paid off because Max survived Kristallnacht and the bombing on Himmel Street. My poem also contains poetic style features that communicate this lesson. In the very first line I isolate, “Max,” to the far right of the poem to indicate the importance of his mother calling his name. I also used the “Crimson Text” font to add a “dark” feeling and to show that the rest of the poem would not bring anything positive towards Max. My second poetic style feature is in lines 22-28. I put the line, “They left, without looking back” in a staggered sequence to show that the sentence was going in a downward staircase to better emphasize that “there was no going back.” I feel like it adds a sense of regret to the reader’s interpretation of how Max feels for leaving his family. Max does feel regretful but his family feels like it was worth their sacrifice. Finally, the visual that is ghosted behind my poem represents the message of the poem. The picture behind my actual poem in a photo that was taken from Kristallnacht, the same night that Max had to leave his family. The picture shows how the Nazis would break down windows to get to Jews and kill them on this horrific night. This proves that the sacrifice that Max’s family made gave Max a second chance.  My second picture is of a man who feels regretful. I chose to put that picture there because it was in the paragraph where it talks about how Max felt very regretful for leaving his family. The monochromatic style of the photo also adds a sense of misery to that paragraph. Overall, the sacrifice by Max’s family improves the quality of Max’s life.To conclude, my poem contains ideas and utilizes poetic style features to show how the sacrifice made by Max’s family helps improve the quality of Max’s life. His family sacrifices themselves in a quite literal way but this was able to give Max a second and last chance at life. This results in Max feeling guilty and causes him to have nightmare about his family. In the end, Max was able to survive Kristallnacht and the bombing on Himmel Street. He was able to live the rest of his life  with starting a family of his own. Ultimately, the reader feels a sense of relief since he survived all this. Sacrifice is one of the best ways to form long bonds that can last a lifetime.