In leaflets. For this part of the assignment

In this assignment I will be evaluating care strategies that can be used to support
an individual with one of my chosen physiological disorders. The disorder that
I will be looking at is Parkinson’s disease; there are many ways the NHS gives
information out to people suffering from a disorder, for instance the website,
referrals and information leaflets. For this part of the assignment I will be evaluating
how effective is the leaflet in giving the right information out to patients. I
will be pointing out three positive and three negative things about the leaflet
and how effective is it of getting the message across.

One positive aspect about the leaflet is the information
in the leaflet is easy to read because the writing stands out from the background
as they used contrasting colours for the font and background. This is a
positive aspect as if the patient has Parkinson’s disease then they have speech
and language problems therefore they might find it difficult to understand the
leaflet. Furthermore as the patient would have Parkinson’s disease they would
not be able to pronounce advanced words so any words that are not basic would
have the patient struggling to understand which would put the information
leaflet as not useful because they couldn’t understand it.

Another advantage of this leaflet is that the information
on the leaflet is available in different languages at the end. This is beneficial
as not everyone can speak English which by having it in different languages it doesn’t
exclude other from getting the right information and treatment. In addition
this is a good use of communication skills as it can have a widely ranged
audience in the local area. By have a bilingual leaflet of Parkinson’s disease it
build the self-confidence of the patient and makes them feel comfortable as you’re
trying to do the best for the patient. 

The finally positive about this leaflet is that for
people with other disabilities like hearing impairment they are still able to
understand the information that is need for them by going online and hearing an
audio version if they aren’t able to read the leaflet without slurred speech. Another
impairment that the leaflet caters for is visual impairment as they also give
the information in the leaflet out in braille therefore visually impaired
individuals with Parkinson’s can go and look at the braille version, available

Even though the information leaflet does contain
positive aspects there are some disadvantages of the leaflet, for example the
leaflet doesn’t give specific information on the disorder itself but only on
the help the NHS provide. For instance it talks about neurologist working with
occupational therapist in the care pathway but doesn’t tell you what each
person does to benefit the patient. Therefore a person using this leaflet to
understand the process of what will happen may not find this beneficial to

Another disadvantage of this leaflet is that the
leaflet only offers help to people that live in Milton Keynes, therefore this
is secluding anyone that is not part of the local area. Therefore people would
have to travel to Milton Keynes in order to get the help which is not suitable
for a person with Parkinson’s disease as one of their symptoms is rigidity and
tremors of extremities and head, therefore this would prove too much of a
physical demand.

Finally the last disadvantage of this leaflet is that there’s
only one supportive therapy that is done during the weekend, so people with Parkinson’s
that have weekend jobs might not be able to come to that meeting which then
they can lead them to lose out on that supportive therapy group.

In conclusion using the information leaflet as a way
to give information can be beneficial as it contains simple language and has a
wide range of access as they support people with different impairments and languages.
Also leaflet are very suitable as they are small, so they are able to fit in
your bags and they are easily assessable as you can find them in your local GP,
so you don’t have to travel far to get the information. They could improve on
the amount of information they give on the leaflets as they can sometimes be
very vague.