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In the years of music, there have been multiple genres made. All of them are related to Rock and Roll. Almost every major artist in every genre was influential and good at what they do. Rock and Roll started this whole evolution of music through time and you could say it is the “Father” of all music.In the Early Rock and Roll era, which was influenced by The Blues, Elvis Presley was a major well known artist. Elvis’ influences were African American Blues artists such as ‘Big Mama’ Thornton and ‘Big Boy’ Crudup. He was also influenced by White Country artists like Ernest Tubb and Bill Monroe. Elvis is unique to Rock and Roll because he used these little dance moves and his voice sounded like he was singing the blues but it was upbeat. One of Elvis’ most famous songs are “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Jailhouse Rock”. Elvis was a very influential character and was dubbed with the name “The King of Rock and Roll”. After the popularity of Rock and Roll, Folk Rock was invented. One of the most famous icons of Folk Rock was Bob Dylan. Dylan was influenced by Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Woodie Guthrie, and LeadBelly. Dylan used three tools while performing a song which were his voice, harmonica, and guitar. This helped lead to most of his popularity. Dylan was an inspiration and not just for music but for other economic things going around in the world. One of his famous “protest” songs, “Masters of War” displayed messages of his thoughts about what was going on around the world. Dylan is a memorable artist that still performs to this day. With the help of R&R and Folk Rock, hard rock/ heavy metal was born. There are multiple famous icons over this era, but one of the most well known was Queen. Queen’s influences included the beatles, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who. Queen made really famous songs such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” and they become more famous every year. After hard rock/ heavy metal, it was time from glam rock. Glam Rock is when the artists were more dressed up and the music didn’t really matter. Kiss was influenced by Alice Cooper and The Beatles. Their makeup and dress style was new and different from the other types of music genres. Kiss had movies of them and dolls, which made them really popular. With Kiss’ new style of look it helped develop what is known as Glam Rock. By this time Glam Rock was the usual, something had to be done, so Prog Rock was created. A famous Prog Rock band was Genesis. Genesis was influenced by The Nice, and the Zombies. One of their famous extended songs were “The Musical Box”. I chose this band because the vocalist also plays instruments and he gets pretty intense. Their contribution to Rock and Roll was it helped lead to a new genre. Funk was created and a very fun genre that everybody enjoyed. Stevie Wonder was a big hit. He was blind but that didn’t stop him from playing instruments and doing what he loves to do. One of his most famous songs are “For Once in My Life”. His musical greatness and being blind was a huge inspirations for other people and will never be forgotten. The new genre was disco and it was basically Funk music but it was just a little different. Michael Jackson was the most popular in this genre. Michael Jackson was influenced by Elvis Presley. His killer moves made him different and he had the perfect voice. He used to be in The Jackson 5 with his brothers until he got older and became a soloist. Some of his famous songs are “Bad”, “Billie Jean”, and “Remember The Time”. He was very successful and will never be forgotten. Punk was created as the new genre and was like a gang music. Fall Out Boys is a representative of Punk. They were influenced by Green day and Refused. They are an all boy band and are performing now days. Some of their songs include “Immortals” and “Beat It”.I chose this band because it’s the cleanest Punk band there is. They are continuing the age of Rock which makes them important. Grunge was formed and it was mostly people who were down who were the artists. Nirvana was a major Grunge band and probably the best. They were influenced by Kurt Cobain, Bikini Hill, and Beat Happening.  Nirvana’s most famous song was “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. They were a huge success and were well known. They changed music history with their music and was very influential. Hip Hop/ Rap is the new genre and the artist Ice Cube was very popular. He starred in movies and was a pretty good actor. Ice Cube was influenced by Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and MC Ren. Ice Cube is a rapper and influenced other rappers which is really popular now day’s. Some of his famous songs are “Check Yo Self”, “No Vaseline”, and “You Can Do It”. He helped continue this genre and influenced great rappers so this genre won’t be turned into trash.The Evolution of music could go on forever and there are many artists who were very influential, but the ones who were stated are the main artists of the genres and all helped develop and evolution of music. Music is getting better and worse so I think that later in time music quality will just depend on the artists and audience and how they recieve it.