In Paris with You-Presentation of relationships

This is a Dramatic Monologue because the narrator is addressing a silent auditor, presumably the lady he is in Paris with. The word “bamboozled” suggests that he has been fooled. We can guess that he was fooled or cheated by his former lover leading to his negative interpretation of love. So far relationships are presented as confusing and hurtful events. We find out about his new love in the sentence “l admit I’m on the rebound”. The narrator uses the word ‘rebound’ to indicate that he has presumably started a new relationship with someone else shortly after the break up of his roomer lover.

We could argue that this was in order to relieve the pain that came from that break up. This presents relationships as a cause and also a reliever of pain. However, the narrator hasn’t started a relationship with this woman because he cares for her, more so to use her for the sake of a relationship status. We can tell this by looking at the second stanza where he says “And don’t care where are we bound”. The ‘we’ is in italics which suggests the lady has asked where their relationship is going and he has replied with an angry and sarcastic tone saying he doesn’t care.

This stresses the word We’ in mockery, the suggestion that there is not real ‘loving relationship’ between the two, he doesn’t see them as a couple. If you look at the third stanza you can see it is indented in the page. This shows that something important is occurring in this stanza, it is significant. He starts off by saying “Do you mind if we do not go to the Louvre,” The ‘not’ is in italics which again shows he is quoting the woman by saying no to a question she has presumably asked. Also, the sentence does not end with a question mark, instead it ends with a comma which suggests this is a demand not a question.

The narrator is dictating that they will not go to the Louvre. This dictation is adding a sense of negativity to the ‘relationship’ which implies that this isn’t a very caring relationship. Later on in the third stanza, the relationship between the narrator and the woman gets very personal and the narrator becomes very childish. The quote “Doing this and that” is down-playing the seriousness of the proposal for the narrators sexual gratification. By referring to sexual relations as ‘this and that’ s rude and insensitive and is also sure to upset the woman.

From this we can gather that the narrator isn’t interested in a stable relationship. He is much more interested in a sexually orientated relationship with this woman. In conclusion, the relationship between the narrator and the woman has changed throughout the poem from a man who has had bad experiences with love in the pass to him relieving his pain by fulfilling his sexual intentions with a new woman. The poet has shown this is in a clever way however by using plays on words and negative imperative.